Acutrack and ONTRAPORT Integrate Their Platforms, Providing Simplified Order Fulfillment for Small Businesses.


Acutrack and ONTRAPORT announced today that they have integrated their platforms, allowing small business owners to seamlessly fulfill orders through the ONTRAPORT platform.

Acutrack’s back-end fulfillment ordering capabilities -- combined with ONTRAPORT’s CRM, Marketing and business automation, membership, and E-Commerce -- now provides organizations with a unified platform to streamline and scale their business.

This integration solves a key problem that small business owners face: shipping their products while running their operations. Acutrack and ONTRAPORT’s collaboration now allows organizations the flexibility to store, ship, and manage inventory on-demand.

“We are very excited to partner with Acutrack as our fulfillment partner. They have a long-standing record of helping publishers, coaches, and distributors with their manufacturing on-demand services related to books and DVDs,” says Rochelle Yoshida, ONTRAPORT’s Director of Product Engagement. “They will add huge value to our community.”

Filmmakers, faith based organizations, marketers, and coaches are just a few of several business fields that will benefit from Acutrack and ONTRAPORT’s automated process. Additionally, these organizations have a greater advantage because Acutrack has a powerful publishing business capable of fulfilling their content, be it on DVDs, books, USBs, and more, on-demand.

Raj Barman, Acutrack’s CEO, puts it this way, “Today business owners face many challenges, but Acutrack is here to take care of all of the backend services. Now with ONTRAPORT, the process has become complete: allowing businesses to run smoothly and efficiently - our ultimate goal.”

About Acutrack
Acutrack, Inc.,, is a privately held company in Livermore, California and is one of the pioneers of On-Demand publishing. For 25 years Acutrack has helped companies fulfill their products by publishing their digital content with minimal to zero inventory for CD/DVDs, USBs, and books. The company is recognized for their outstanding fulfillment services and behind-the-scenes publishing by several organizations.

ONTRAPORT,, is a privately held company in Santa Barbara, California. They are an all-in-one business and marketing automation platform that removes the burden of technology for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

Press Contact:
Ali Pervez
Acutrack, Inc.
Phone: 888.234.3472

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