AcuityTec Bolsters Strategic Leadership With New Senior Director Alfredo Solis, Strengthening Commitment to Global Online Fraud Prevention

Alfredo Solis Joins AcuityTec

AcuityTec, a leading provider of Global KYC, KYT, compliance, and multi-layered fraud prevention solutions, is thrilled to announce a significant addition to its leadership team. With its relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to secure global online businesses, AcuityTec proudly welcomes Alfredo Solis as its new Senior Director and Business Strategist.

With a 20-year career dedicated to bolstering online risk management, Alfredo Solis brings passion and a wealth of expertise set to elevate AcuityTec's offering to Fintechs, crypto companies, iGaming platforms, and other online businesses worldwide to support the ever-growing online ecosystem.

Solis extends this passion to fortifying client engagement with AcuityTec's platform, understanding the importance of customizable data, transactional verifications, and ongoing monitoring in forging secure online environments. His hands-on approach to honing advanced risk algorithms, employing data simulation, and developing comprehensive business intelligence reports surpasses standard risk mitigation measures. Solis is devoted to delivering exceptional, bespoke solutions that meet and exceed client expectations, contributing to their growth while maintaining a secure digital environment. This dedication consolidates AcuityTec's mission to provide unrivalled data and fraud defence solutions. 

"We are incredibly excited to have Alfredo join the AcuityTec family," said Director of Business Developments Eric Gounder. "His expertise and unwavering commitment to premium fraud defence encapsulates our mission and brings to our team an enriching perspective that will undoubtedly propel our strategic initiatives. We anticipate his contributions to our future developments with great enthusiasm."

Solis expressed his enthusiasm about the new role, saying, "Joining the AcuityTec team is an exhilarating next step for me. I have always admired their commitment to offering cutting-edge KYC, risk management and fraud prevention solutions. I am eager to contribute my knowledge and experience to this innovative team and look forward to fostering stronger, safer online business landscapes globally."

Prior to AcuityTec, Solis held distinguished roles including Customer Success Manager at Jumio Corporation, Director of Account Management at FourStop GmbH, Senior Risk Lead at Vogogo, and Senior Client Service Manager at Convergys, all contributing to his expertise. For more on Solis' impressive trajectory, visit his LinkedIn profile

AcuityTec continues to set the pace in the industry by investing in talents like Alfredo Solis who possess the skills and determination to make a difference in the digital world. This move underscores the company's dedication to enhancing its services and strengthening its position as a global provider of digital identity verifications and transactional protection and as a fraud prevention leader. 

About AcuityTec

AcuityTec is a leading provider specializing in global KYC, KYB, compliance and advanced fraud defence with real-time monitoring all through a single API. From onboarding customers to verifying and monitoring transactions, the company's customizable end-to-end and risk mitigation solutions ensure businesses obtain unparalleled fraud protection to secure their customers, business and revenues. 

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