AcuityTec Announces Significant Strides in Business Growth and Innovation


AcuityTec, a leading KYC and fraud prevention provider, proudly celebrates a period of exceptional growth and significant milestone achievements. Embracing the ever-evolving realm of digital security, AcuityTec is steadfast in its mission to outwit the most sophisticated fraudsters while upholding its reputation as a trusted partner, delivering premier services in identity verification, risk screening, and global fraud prevention. 

In 2023, AcuityTec embarked on a transformative journey, enriching its product with various new features. Notably, they expanded their data hub by an impressive 18% with premium stat services, such as globally trusted providers like ComplyAdvantage AML, advanced phone SMS services, and an enhanced PII digital identity verification solution. Furthermore, they bolstered their reporting and business intelligence capabilities, spanning transactional reports, registrations, risk scrubber performance, and predictive trend analysis intelligence. 

"As we enter 2024, our commitment to technological excellence remains unwavering. We are poised to increase our data hub by 50% to enhance coverage and overall data output performance," states Alfredo Solis, Managing Director, AcuityTec. Simultaneously, AcuityTec will embark on developing a next-generation platform evolution, emphasizing advanced UI/UX to ensure an optimal, streamlined and efficient experience within a robust risk mitigation platform. 

At AcuityTec, their global partnerships are expanding with a unified purpose — to create a safer online ecosystem that fosters seamless engagements and secure transactions. Over the past year, AcuityTec has doubled its team, welcoming industry-leading talent in critical positions such as Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer, IT Specialists, Developers, and Client Success Managers. This strategic growth positions AcuityTec for continued acceleration, allowing them to elevate their services, products, brand and overall business operations. 

"We prioritize continuous improvement, expanding our cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and data processing knowledge while ensuring as an organization, we cultivate a culture of knowledge collaboration to achieve the best possible development outcomes and services," comments Solis. 

AcuityTec's marketing efforts have additionally undergone a strategic overhaul. Through the meticulous implementation of the SOSTAC methodology, AcuityTec has elevated its brand, market position, voice and presence across various channels and cultivated a dynamic two-way conversation within the marketplace, resulting in 1,500% brand engagement growth. As the company rolls out 2024, it aims to continue a significant marketing presence and foster meaningful interactions with its audience.

Alfredo Solis shares his vision: "Our mission remains unwavering — to provide the most advanced KYC, Compliance and fraud defense solution in the market, delivering premium data performance, transactional monitoring, results, and coverage. We are thrilled to tap into our team's wealth of expertise and embark on a new era of business ventures, enriching our services and quality."

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Source: AcuityTec