AcuityTec Amplifies Its Platform With Ground-Breaking Enhancements to Combat Evolving Fraud

AcuityTec Enhances Platform

AcuityTec, a leader in KYC and fraud prevention solutions, is proud to announce a significant platform expansion. This strategic advancement is designed to outpace sophisticated fraudsters, empower clients to stay agile, and safeguard transactions and customers, while effortlessly managing complex fintech fraud prevention. 

Expanded Identity Verification Insight
The KYC solution at AcuityTec has undergone an impressive expansion. It now boasts a robust global database identity match verification service that services 167 countries with over 300 data sources. This integration brings data-driven identity checks to the forefront, providing clients with comprehensive single source and 2+2 identity verifications. 

Furthermore, in response to AcuityTec's dedication to supporting B2B underwriting to safeguard business relationships and our online ecosystem, they have implemented a KYB basic verification service. This enables swift, reliable business entity verifications that provide high-level validity information on business name, address, status, type, registration number and more. 

AcuityTec's Global Negative Database experienced refined data quality, advanced logic behind data removal, and optimized search results, allowing for more precise and informed decisions. 

Precision-Tuned Fraud Screening and Notification Logic
AcuityTec introduces two new cutting-edge, dynamic rules to support anti-money laundering and bank account verifications, signifying a leap forward in fraud screening precision. Additionally, AcuityTec crafted six new notification rules to fortify monitoring and response protocols, each a testament to a meticulous approach to risk management. Refinements to existing risk parameters and the strategic coordination of thresholds ensure that notifications are astutely targeted and delivered without delay.

"In an industry where the landscape of risk is in constant flux, it's imperative that our technology not only keeps pace, but sets the pace," explains Alfredo Solis, Managing Director, AcuityTec. "Our platform enhancements reflect a deep understanding of the dynamics of fraud prevention. We equip our clients with tools that are sophisticated, intuitive and pre-emptive."

Insightful Analytics for Empowered Decision-Making
AcuityTec provides comprehensive reporting, from customer onboarding to verification performance, transactional reporting, and live monitoring. At the forefront of fraud prevention, AcuityTec continually strives for precision in its reporting capabilities. Its latest enhancements include an upgrade to its data filtering systems, improved date-time intelligence, enrichments to agent system logs, enriched data reporting output, and more. These advancements enhance readability and analysis and drive overall operational efficiencies. 

"As we navigate the changing digital age, our mission remains steadfast: to provide a robust, adaptive, and dynamically intelligent platform. We empower our clients with accurate and reliable fraud screening and B.I. to safeguard their customers, transactions, and revenue against the ever-advancing threat of fraud," affirms Alfredo Solis.

AcuityTec's continuous platform advancements showcase their unwavering dedication to setting industry benchmarks in transactional security and fraud deterrence. In a landscape where the integrity of each transaction is critical, AcuityTec stands as an innovative partner. Explore the future of transactional fraud defense at and see how their sophisticated solutions can fortify your operations. 

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Source: AcuityTec