Actress and Activist Heather Morris Shares Timely Tips for Celebrating Earth Day on TipsOnTV

Environmentalist and Star Shares Ways Everyone Can Help the Planet this Earth Day

Eco-activist Heather Morris Shares Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day

Just in time for Earth Day, actress, singer, dancer, and eco-activist Heather Morris shares timely information about environmentally friendly products and trends. 


86% of Americans feel our planet is worth protecting, and one way to do our part is through food choices. For instance, Neutral organic whole and 2% milk is carbon neutral, meaning it can lower the carbon footprint just by choosing it. Buying just one ½ gallon per week would eliminate CO2 emissions equivalent to 726 miles driven! Small changes like choosing carbon-neutral milk can really help protect the environment. Find it at Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods Market. Neutral is 'Milk for a Planet Worth Saving'. Visit


Eco-friendly travel is top of mind for so many this Earth Day. Travelodge by Wyndham is all about sustainability, including an ongoing commitment to preserving our nation's parks. More than 75% of all Travelodge hotels are less than an hour's drive from a national park, making it the perfect base camp for an adventure. In advance of Earth Day, they have a great deal: 20% off stays of two nights or more. Visit for all the details.


Make a real difference by changing small things, starting with the dishes. Households waste up to 20 gallons of water each day pre-rinsing their dishes. Because of this, Finish is launching a campaign that they hope no one will ever see. To encourage people to skip the rinsethey've created "The Hopeful Monument," which sits at the bottom of an at-risk lake. It is a symbolic representation of the larger water crisis issue and will only be seen if water levels, unfortunately, drop low enough to reveal it. For Finish, ultimate cleaning performance is their job. A better future for people and the planet is their goal. Visit


Make sure that home appliances are energy efficient. The Midea EVOX system offers unmatched energy efficiency, flexibility and comfort, featuring an inverter heat pump that outperforms traditional options. A "heat pump" is an air conditioner that also works backward, using electricity to move heat into your home during cooler months which can save on average 20-40% in heating costs. New tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act and rebates from utility companies make it even more attractive for homeowners to switch, and EVOX is designed to replace existing systems seamlessly. Visit


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