Actionable Science Presents Discussion of AI Powered Chatbot Solutions for Credit Unions

CUTech's Spring Forum Brings Together Credit Union Executives to Learn, Share and Collaborate on New Technologies

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Artificial intelligence and enterprise bot development company Actionable Science will demonstrate its portfolio of virtual people solutions during CUTech’s Spring Forum for Credit Union executives on May 3 in Miami.

Actionable Sciences will show attendees how advances in natural language technology, machine learning and process automation are allowing the development of smart enterprise bots that can handle routine and repetitive tasks by engaging with customers over chat or voice, learning and then taking actions.

"The institutions that are early adopters of AI powered agents have the potential to gain the most because these bots learn more over time."

Manish Sharma, Co-Founder

“The gains in these technologies are enabling the rapid evolution of AI powered solutions like our virtual people,” said Saurabh Kumar, Actionable Science CEO and co-founder. “Credit unions and other financial institutions that adopt these kinds of agents can create real value for customers and employees.”

“A large portion of customer inquiries to credit unions are routine in nature. Institutions that employ smart technology to efficiently handle these basics will then have more human capacity to deliver on complex needs and truly delight their clients,” said Manish Sharma, Actionable Science co-founder. “The institutions that are early adopters of AI powered agents have the potential to gain the most because these bots learn more over time.”

Actionable Science’s virtual people recently have been selected for applications that facilitate consumer product selection as well as IT Helpdesk and human resources activities. The company’s bots provide end-to-end automation solutions by first gathering information conversationally from users over web, messaging and interactive voice response systems; then learning from the data received, and ultimately taking action by leveraging robotic process automation.

About Actionable Science

Actionable Science (, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, makes it easy for businesses to leverage artificial intelligence to improve productivity, enhance customer experiences, increase employee satisfaction and lower costs. Actionable Science creates enterprise-quality AI powered virtual people who address a range of tasks for sales, servicing, IT Help Desk, HR Helpdesk and other functions. Actionable Science’s advanced bots have natural language conversations, evolve using machine learning, and execute tasks by leveraging robotic process automation (RPA). Actionable Science was selected in 2016 as a Microsoft BizSpark Plus program participant.

About CUTech

CUTech (, is a technology research, consulting, software and systems integration company specializing in the Credit Union industry. Since 1996, CUTech has provided research services to participating credit unions through a subscription to the Technology Research Consortium (TRC).  CUTech has extensive strategic, managerial, operational and systems experience in the Credit Union industry. CUTech’s products and services enable Credit Unions (CUs) to be better prepared for today’s highly competitive environment.  CUTech strives to help CUs retain and acquire members by creating products and services that help Credit Union members and the Credit Union’s bottom line. The TRC CUs share a common mission:  A strong desire to be prepared for the future and a commitment to serving their Credit Union Members with products and services that enrich the lives of their members.  


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