Acquirent Launches New Website, Prioritizing User Experience

A leading company in outsourced sales and lead generation offers next-generation website redesign to enable best-in-class, user-centered service.

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Acquirent, a leading company in outsourced sales and lead generation, is excited to announce the launch of its new redesigned website. The fresh layout and streamlined distribution of content will help clients and new sales talent better understand the value and mission of the organization.

Acquirent's website redesign provides the ultimate user experience, making it easy to navigate from smart phones and tablets in addition to desktop computers. The new website communicates Acquirent's core competencies as dictated by the current market: providing sales teams to world-class organizations with proven methodologies.

"Nearly a third of Acquirent's website traffic comes from mobile devices," said Joe Flanagan, CEO of Acquirent. "This trend is only slated to continue over the coming years, and whether it comes to new clients or new sales talent, it is essential that we stay ahead of the technology curve. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, Acquirent's new website is designed around you."

The new website also includes a video chat feature that will help direct traffic beyond traditional text chats found on many websites today. It also contains a job board integrated directly into the website, guiding sales talent to job opportunities available within the company.

As the Acquirent family of businesses grows with the recent acquisition of Vorsight, redesigning the central hub of sales activity was seen as a top priority for the organization. It will continue to be updated regularly with new content designed to educate and inform. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and discover more about what makes Acquirent different.

About Acquirent:

Acquirent is a leading provider of outsourced sales services for companies ranging from small startups to the Fortune 500. They do three main things: they recruit, train, and manage their clients' sales teams. In some instance their team is a strategic part of their clients' sales infrastructure and in others they become their clients' entire sales engine. Acquirent's sales teams are 100% dedicated to deliver a transparent and completely accountable solution while focusing on metrics, training, and the latest sales technology. To learn more about Acquirent, visit

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