AcneFree to Sponsor 'Prom for Good' Event for Chicago Hope Academy Students

The brand will sponsor an earned prom opportunity for all Chicago Hope Academy students who commit to volunteer service in the local community.

AcneFree, the champions of accessible and affordable clear skin, are collaborating with Chicago Hope Academy—a college and life preparatory high school dedicated to nurturing and challenging the body, mind and spirit—to sponsor "Prom For Good." 

Traditionally, Chicago Hope Academy foregoes prom to instead spend the last days of high school building homes in Mexico. But this year, Chicago Hope Academy and AcneFree want to celebrate the students while still giving back to the West Side of Chicago community. AcneFree Skincare will be fully sponsoring the students' prom to ensure no school funds are spent on the festivities and are instead used for volunteer work.

"We are thrilled to be sponsoring 'Prom For Good' for Chicago Hope Academy students," says Head of Marketing for AcneFree, Ambi and Baxter of California, Rebekah Shriver. "As a brand, giving back is one of our key priorities, so we are excited to be able to offer a night of prom festivities for students who haven't had the opportunity to experience a prom before. We are elated to be able to merge the key values of Chicago Hope Academy with an end-of-the-year celebration to ultimately reward and recognize students who are giving back to their community."

Students will earn the opportunity to attend "Prom For Good" through volunteer activities. Chicago Hope Academy students will volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit dedicated to packaging and distributing food to people in developing nations, and multiple local community organizations throughout the West Side of the city. 

Upon completion of their volunteer work and to celebrate giving back, students will be awarded attendance to "Prom For Good." The celebration will be held the second weekend of May. 

AcneFree and Chicago Hope Academy are looking forward to reframing the meaning of prom and what it means to give back. 


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Source: AcneFree