Acktar Light-Absorbent Foil and Film Rolls Reduce Stray Light and Unwanted Reflection From the UV to IR

Acktar Light-Absorbent Foil and Film Rolls

Edmund Optics®, leading global manufacturer and supplier of optical components, continuously expands its product offering to reflect market developments and customer needs. New products are added each month to better serve the industry. EO has added additional light-absorbent foil and films to their inventory of Acktar Advanced Coatings products making it more convenient for customers to cover large areas with light-absorbent material. Having 25-meter large rolls of these materials in stock gives customers the ability to cut material to size for their specific application requirements. Acktar is a manufacturer of black-light absorbent materials ideal for eliminating stray light and unwanted reflections in optical systems.

The latest expansion of Acktar products added to EO's in-stock product inventory includes Acktar Light Absorbent Foil and Film Rolls. These foils and films feature MaxiBlackTM, Metal VelvetTM, and Spectral BlackTM light-absorbent coatings on 25-meter rolls. These coatings are completely inorganic and have wideband performance from the UV to IR. With a broad operating temperature range, high vibrational stability, and low outgassing, these materials are robust and ideal for many harsh environments. EO has all Acktar products in stock and ready to ship. For more information about Acktar and additional products offered by EO, visit the Acktar and EO partnership page.

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