ACK Data and Dice Corporation Announce Partnership and New Product Line at GSX Show Booth 2129



Cliff Dice, President and CEO of Dice Corporation, and Scott Sereboff, CEO of ACK Data, Inc. are pleased to announce that the two companies have joined forces to create a new system by which data can be stored in the cloud for a fraction of the cost.

"Infinity RECALL will allow us to store our customers' data in the cloud forever," said Scott Sereboff. "With a small on-premise device, ACK Data's Infinity RECALL hardware captures a stream of data from any IP camera and delivers that to the cloud services as provided by Dice. For a very small monthly fee per camera, ACK Data delivers the customer 3 years of contracted storage as well as a guarantee that the data will be kept forever- which means that at any time, the end user can access this data.

"With a full cross-platform user interface, live viewing of cameras 24/7, and analytic data provided to the customer as a part of the service, ACK expects Infinity RECALL to become the new standard by which cloud storage providers deliver to the user."

Cliff Dice, President and CEO of Dice Corporation, added "the Dice back-end being used by ACK Data is a new, patent pending system that adds to our product portfolio and allows ACK Data to deliver the RECALL product and system. In ACK Data, Dice has found a perfect partner to sell Dice services and to work with Dice as we move the Company into the future of video surveillance technologies."

ACK Data and Dice Corporation will be together at the Las Vegas GSX show taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Sept. 24 through the 27th, 2018. ACK will be accepting new dealers and new customers at the show, and Dice will be seeking dealers for the new suite of Dice products.

For more information on ACK Data visit the Dice booth, #2129, at GSX or contact:

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Scott Sereboff,, 855-RECALL8 (732-2558)

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