Acho is Announcing an Open Data Marketplace for Anyone to Buy and Monetize Data

Today, Acho is announcing a data marketplace built for delivering unique business insights to data-driven teams. Provided with frictionless buying experience and proprietary data delivery services, the Acho Marketplace is looking to bring more access to business databases.

Acho marketplace product listings

Team Acho focuses on connecting people with the data they need. Since the company was founded, the team has been building a collaborative data layer between the data consumers and providers on a robust platform. 

Today, the company is announcing a brand new product called Acho Marketplace - an open data marketplace for anyone to buy and monetize data. Data as it is widely understood has many unique properties that make it hard to transact in a public marketplace. From many technical and operational standpoints, a data marketplace demands a new solution that breaks the previous paradigm. 

Buy unique B2B data products fast

Acho Marketplace provides a wide range of unique B2B products without a sales qualification process or lengthy turnaround time. Each product can be purchased or subscribed as is with instant delivery. The data products are also clean, structured, and ready to use. As buyers, there's no wait time when it comes to acquiring data assets. 

Explore diverse topics and find value

The team believes that data buyers should acquire data assets with great flexibility. Instead of having to commit to proprietary database software with expensive subscriptions, data buyers should be able to find data products of diverse topics directly on the marketplace. By leveraging topic modeling, and semantic classification systems, only unique and valuable data products are offered. 

Monetize data products with a whole suite of tooling

For data providers or anyone with unique business insights to share, Acho Marketplace is open to listing your data product. Working with Acho not only helps reach a growing global audience, but it also makes sure that your data product is prepared and delivered to the right person. If you're interested in listing your product, please contact and follow us on Twitter @team_acho.

Source: Acho