Aces Boxing Club Now Open In Boonton

Boxing arrives in the small town of Boonton as Aces Boxing Club opens up

Former Air Force veteran and boxing and strength/conditioning coach Joseph Zabry recently relocated his renowned Aces Boxing Club to a new facility on Main Street in Boonton following a flood at his Fairfield location, and is excited to bring boxing to the blue-collar town.

"It's a very community-oriented town," said Zabry, owner and head coach of Aces Boxing Club. "Everybody supports each other, especially the businesses here in town. And everybody in town seems like they have a strong sense of Boonton pride; I like the idea of Aces Boxing Club as Boonton's best."

Zabry has taken his passion for the pugilistic sport and transformed it into a boxing club geared towards training fighters and helping them on their way in pursuit of whatever direction their careers take them.

"When people start boxing competitively, it is for one of two reasons," said Zabry. "Depending on their age, they are either fighting to work their way towards the Olympics, or to fighting professionally. My job is to prepare them for both."

Aces Boxing Club specializes in one-on-one training for both beginners and experienced boxers, allowing individuals to train at their own level. They also offer group training, which allows individuals to learn from the trainer as well as other peers in the group.

The 3,000+ square foot boxing club offers the feel of an old school boxing gym coupled with the latest advancements in sports conditioning and training.

The new boxing club offers a variety of training programs for kids and adults of all ages and athletic levels, from the novice boxer to the seasoned professional. Joe Zabry prides himself on offering selective programs to work with kids after school to help keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

"With our centralized location, kids can get out of school and walk right to the gym," said Zabry. "Our afterschool program runs 3:30-5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, so not only does it give kids an outlet, it gives parents the peace of mind knowing where their kids are and that they are doing something productive."

Zabry has also announced that on May 25 he will be holding the first USA Amateur Boxing show in Boonton at the Elks Lodge, featuring a handful of Aces Boxing Club's fighters as well as other up-and-coming local prospects. This will be the first of recurring amateur shows at the Elks Lodge, being held every eight weeks.

"At Aces, we are not your ordinary gym or fitness club," said Zabry. "We offer 100 percent class or private instruction format to ensure you get the most out of what you are putting in. If you are looking for real boxing and real results, then Aces Boxing Club is the right place for you."

Aces Boxing Club is located at 718 Main Street "Top Floor" Boonton, NJ 07005; Phone- 973-224-9665.

For more information on how to get started at Aces Boxing Club visit