Ace NFL Drafts Player Breakdown - Kenny Lawler

Kenny Lawler 

Wide Receiver


6’3″ 185 lbs

The 2016 NFL draft has a lot of receivers with big time potential, but it is a player who is more of a mystery, Kenny Lawler, to keep an eye on. Last season, Lawler had 52 receptions for 658 yards and 13 touchdowns for California. While those are solid numbers, those statistics don’t jump off the page considering how pass happy college football has become. However, to see the potential in Lawler, you have to look beyond those numbers. Lawler had 14 catches in the red zone, with 11 of them being touchdowns. He can catch the ball with the best of them, including going against double coverages and getting it at its highest point. His ability to be a factor in the red zone makes him a difference maker. To reach his full potential, he must play on the rest of the field like he does inside the 20 yard line. He has a tendency to become complacent, lose focus,which causes him to drop the easy catch. The talent is there for Lawler to be a very good NFL wide receiver, but he will need good coaching to reach his full potential.​ 

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