AccuShelf® Integrates COVID-19 Specific Vaccine Workflows to Help Healthcare Comply With COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Tracking

New release also eliminates vaccine waste and enhances patient safety

AccuShelf TM Vaccine System

TruMed® Systems, the makers of AccuVax® and AccuShelf, release an update to the AccuShelf Temperature Monitor solution to integrate best practices for COVID-19 vaccine storage and handling. This update includes workflows to help manage the complexities of all three COVID-19 vaccine brands and their varying storage requirements and expiration needs. The new COVID-19 workflows in AccuShelf TM simplify these complexities by automatically tracking puncture times, beyond use dates, and expiry across multiple temperature storage conditions. AccuShelf immediately updated storage and handling to include the new freezer storage requirements for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and added the Johnson & Johnson recently approved COVID-19 vaccine. AccuShelf further automatically updates storage and handling requirements when the FDA announces changes. This minimizes the need for practices to make process changes and conduct clinical staff training.

In addition, the included wireless temperature sensors, battery backup, WIFI, and cellular network alerting will notify users with ample time to utilize every COVID-19 vaccine dose preventing unnecessary waste, even when there is a loss of power or other unforeseen event.

AccuShelf also includes built-in vaccine patient safety checks and offers electronic health record (EHR) integration options. TruMed's patient safety checks have become the standard workflow on AccuVax systems, now AccuShelf users also can use patient safety checks to help with HEDIS immunization efforts, comply with ACIP or office vaccination schedules, and eliminate common vaccination errors like too many of the same vaccine or the wrong vaccine selected.

EHR integration with AccuShelf allows for uploading patient information and further enhances patient safety and saves time by allowing immunization orders to be automatically transferred from the participating EHR to the AccuShelf system ensuring the ordered vaccine is the one selected for administration and can automatically return lot and expiry information to the patient chart. To learn more about this update contact us at or

Contact: Jesper Jensen, CEO, 844-878-6331,

Source: TruMed Systems