Accuris Networks Leads the Way in Wi-Fi Offload User Security Protection

New features help operators support secure, seamless Mobile Data Offload

Accuris Networks announced today significant Wi-Fi Offload feature enhancements to its eAAA product line with new, upgraded features to support secure and seamless Wi-Fi offload and roaming. In addition to all 3GPP and Wi-Fi Alliance Passpoint standard authentication methods, Accuris’ eAAA also supports IMSI encryption. 

IMSI, which stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identifier, is vulnerable to a security risk when used in Wi-Fi authentication methods unless the IMSI is hidden or encrypted.

“Accuris believes that most mobile device operating systems will require some method of IMSI hiding or encryption in upcoming OS releases in order to benefit from seamless EAP-SIM or -AKA based authentication. Now, more than ever, users need assurance that their privacy is protected. The enormous benefits in using these authentication methods make it imperative for Mobile Operators to upgrade their AAA infrastructure to support IMSI hiding,” said Finbarr Coghlan, Chief Technology Officer at Accuris Networks. 

“Many mobile operators around the world who invested in the Accuris AAA technology have already implemented our IMSI encryption technology and are ahead of their competitors. We encourage all Mobile operators to seriously consider the proven benefits in Passpoint Wi-Fi and its role in augmenting current 4G and future 5G mobile services,” said Larry Quinn, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer at Accuris Networks.

About Accuris Networks

Accuris Networks empowers service providers to monetise connectivity and enable subscribers to move seamlessly and securely between LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, Private Networks, IoT and fixed networks while ensuring a superior quality of experience. The components of today’s mobile experience – Cellular/Wi-Fi/IoT are disparate in nature: Accuris is one of the only platforms available in the industry to seamlessly integrate these into a single fabric. Accuris Networks is a trusted supplier to blue-chip operators around the world including AT&T, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Bell Canada, China Mobile Intl, EDCH, Telekom Malaysia, Vivo/Telefonica and more. Visit us at or tweet @AccurisNetworks.

Source: Accuris Networks