Accrete Expands Its Offering to Include Investment Opportunities in Real Estate

The platform supports individual investors with access to opportunities previously available only to the uber-wealthy.

Industrial property and last-mile distribution facility

Accrete, an alternative investment platform engineered to unlock private investment opportunities for the many, will include real estate investment opportunities starting today. Initial investment opportunities will focus on commercial properties. The first opportunity will enable individuals to participate in the purchase of industrial property and last-mile distribution facilities in the UK. The real estate portfolio will grow to include a diversified portfolio of multifamily, industrial, office, and hotel properties across high-potential markets globally. 

Accrete works with experienced, tenured sponsors to underwrite direct investment opportunities and with funds to unlock access across several alternative asset classes. Accrete launched with private equity, growth, and credit assets across its direct and feeder fund platform, and now also includes real estate as an asset class. Accrete and its affiliated entities currently have over $800M in assets under management. By working with sponsors and combining the investment power of its users, the platform provides these opportunities with starting minimum investments at as low as $5,000.

"We are excited to unlock our first real estate investment opportunity for our members and are thrilled to work with Urbium Capital Partners to bring this opportunity to market," says Accrete Co-Founder and CEO Ali Shekofti.

"Urbium was established to create an exciting firm and franchise across European real estate. We are very excited about our partnership with Accrete and aligned with Accrete's mission to address the inequities in private capital markets and create a more inclusive ecosystem for wealth creation in real estate through our partnership," says Suliman AlAujan, Managing Partner at Urbium Capital Partners. 

Investing in real estate is one approach that investors can take to hedge against inflation, since, historically, property values over time appreciate in tandem with the rate of inflation. Within commercial real estate, the warehouse and industrial spaces sector is in particularly high demand. Although long overlooked, this asset type has made a startling comeback because of the rise of e-commerce, especially after the outbreak of Covid. According to the Wall Street Journal, "industrial real-estate activity, such as lease renewals and new leases, jumped 43% from April 15 to May 14 from the previous 30-day period."

Each investment opportunity on Accrete is enabled by a sponsor with a proven track record in the specific asset class, and Urbium Capital backs Accrete's first real estate opportunity. Urbium Capital was established in 2021 to empower and enliven the urban environment. Urbium Capital's team of professionals is focused on building an impact-driven real estate investment firm. With an unmatched network and track record, the group has the luxury to be selective in its transactions, bringing forth exclusive investment opportunities for stakeholders.

In partnership with Accrete, Urbium is here to preserve and grow investors' wealth while working to protect and grow our future.

About Accrete 

Accrete is an investment platform providing access to private equity and alternative investment opportunities. Accrete is leveling the playing field for accredited investors, providing opportunities to invest across a handpicked portfolio by breaking down the barriers to entry and lowering investment minimums. Its tech-enabled private equity platform unlocks a $10 trillion pool of capital underinvested in the best-performing asset class which is typically restricted to ultra-high net worth institutional investors. Accrete partners with best-in-class independent sponsors and fund managers with a proven track record and deep sector expertise to originate and diligence PE investment opportunities.

"By unbundling the private capital markets and lowering buy-in minimums, we've built a bridge between investors and investment opportunities so everyone can take their deserved share of the future," says Co-Founder and CEO Ali Shekofti. 

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