Acclaimed Writer Reviews CRE Platform, BLDUP

BLDUP: A Better Understanding of Market Opportunities

Critically acclaimed and celebrated writer Jeffrey Steele has taken an in-depth look into the power and market opportunities presented by BLDUP, the Boston-based CRE platform. 

"BLDUP's satisfied users not only come to the service from different perspectives, but also confront widely varying pain points," Steele said in a September 23 piece, highlighting the platform's AI-driven capabilities and market reach. Steele has contributed nationally to publications and newspapers, including The Boston Globe, Forbes, New York Daily News, Orlando Sentinel, and Indianapolis Monthly, among others.

"Jeff's experience in covering business is second to none," stated BLDUP Founder and CEO Noah Coughlin. "Jeff has interviewed BLDUP clients to highlight the focus and value of it's networked platform and proprietary dataset. This article helps to demonstrate how BLDUP's advanced IP is helping stakeholders connect and gain mission-critical intelligence around commercial real estate development resulting in more accurate, faster decisions for capital markets, advisory firms and construction companies throughout the value chain."

Steele's article and key interviews can be read in its entirety at

About BLDUP: BLDUP is the place to get real-time information on construction and real estate information in-market, becoming an influential platform for the CRE industry.

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About BLDUP, Inc.

BLDUP is a first source dataset that focuses on the forward supply of new construction projects and developers. Its proprietary technology has created the first ever Business Intelligence Community for Commercial Real Estate.

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