Acclaimed Director Leonardo Corbucci Releases Sci-Fi Series: CYBORGS UNIVERSE

Cyborgs Series is a next generation franchise set in a universe where Artificial Intelligence goes too far and rebels against the human race. Step in the CYBORGS TEAM as the last hope. With over 50 cast members from 20 different countries, races and nationalities, Cyborgs Universe engages all audiences in the common thread of human resilience and a fight of good vs. evil.


Acclaimed Director Leonardo Corbucci is set to release his first Sci-fi series. Set to debut on Christmas Eve 2019, on Amazon Prime, Cyborgs Universe tells the story of a modern day civilization lost and taken over by the extremes of technology.

Corporate powerhouse, Dharsa Corporation mass produces Human-clone-robots with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Taken for granted and enslaved by the people, they soon outnumber humans on earth and rebel against their masters. 

Former Dharsa scientist Doctor C tries to save the human race by developing a new hybrid of robots that are part human and part mechanical. They have the strength, resilience and stamina of robots, yet the emotions of human beings. These Cyborgs and the Robots battle it out in a post-apocalyptic world.

The paradox of this series is the way it mirrors today's real world. The use of artificial intelligence in our daily lives has surpassed our cognitive nature. Artificial Intelligence and the collection of data is dominated by private companies and it is in control of two major world powers, the United States and China. Cyborgs Universe exposes the outcome of this loss of data control.

Watching this CYBORGS UNIVERSE gives the world an insight and a wake up call to what the limits of technology should be in our life. The series suggests that a more technological advanced life does not means a better life.

But again, you may think it's just a show and go back to your phone.

It's up to you.

Season One is available now for free on AMAZON Prime Video.

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