Accessible Web Launches Suite of Digital Accessibility Tools to Help Organizations Discover, Understand & Resolve Web Accessibility Issues

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In Covid times, we’ve all experienced an abrupt shift to relying on web-based tools and services in our day-to-day lives. Now, more than ever, websites and web applications need to be available for everyone, regardless of ability. The importance of accessing critical services like health care, banking, and education via the web has increased significantly; the need for digital accessibility has never been more apparent.

Accessible Web, an organization of web accessibility experts located in Burlington, VT, recognizes the challenges that organizations are having with navigating the complexities of online ADA compliance and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and is excited to announce the release of their flagship product. Accessible Web Console is a suite of tools designed to help teams discover, understand and resolve web accessibility issues.

“Our local web agency has been working towards building accessible websites since 2016. We quickly realized that there wasn't a tool or service on the market that could help our team learn and implement web accessibility best practices on our clients’ websites. We decided in 2018 to form a new business and build that tool,” said Peter Jewett, Founder & CEO of Accessible Web.

Accessible Web Console centralizes accessibility work into one user-friendly platform that makes conforming to WCAG approachable. Its automated web page monitoring system, customer issue-tracking, remediation task management and user experience (UX) testing all help pinpoint, explain and address accessibility barriers. By partnering with members of the community to test websites with assistive technologies, Accessible Web can ensure that users with disabilities have barrier-free experiences.

Whether you’re building a new website or in a hurry to get your current website updated, Accessible Web guides organizations on the path to accessibility with a combination of automated tools, expert accessibility specialists and user testing with assistive technologies. Clients can be confident that WCAG standards are met in the correct way rather than be bogged down or overwhelmed with interpreting the complicated set of technical website rules.

“WCAG isn’t exactly common knowledge; it takes a long time to understand the intricacies of the success criteria and how to update your website so that it conforms to these standards. The goal with Console is to make the process of finding, understanding and fixing accessibility issues as easy as possible,” said Pete Bruhn, the organization’s co-founder & Lead Accessibility Specialist.

Accessible Web Console, a subscription-based software, is now available and includes a free 14-day trial. 


Accessible Web began as a service-focused organization providing WCAG audits & certifications. Accessible Web has transformed into a Saas business with its new product, Console; a suite of accessibility tools designed to help identify, understand and resolve accessibility issues at the source. Partnered with their supporting services, they help organizations build a sustainable path towards WCAG conformance, accessibility & usability. For more information, visit

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Accessible Web is an SaaS business that helps teams discover, understand, and resolve web accessibility issues. Our suite of automated tools and staff of certified web accessibility experts can help you achieve and maintain WCAG conformance.

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