Accero Wins Multiple Year Contract with Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn

Accero will provide HR, payroll and benefits administration solutions to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn to service more than 130 parishes, Accero chosen for ease-of-use and reliability.

Accero, a leading HR and Payroll solutions provider serving mid-sized and large organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn has signed a multiple-year contract with Accero for use in servicing more than 130 parishes.

The Diocese selected Accero's HR and Benefits Administration modules due to the company's reputation of simplifying the most complex benefits information. Working with parishes that include thousands of employees collectively, the Diocese found previous providers were not able to handle the benefits and HR requirements of disparate benefit plans across multiple locations. Many parish employees work across numerous companies, each with its own distinct benefits plan and structure. As a result, the Diocese needed a solution that could track employee benefit plans across multiple employers and ensure the information was correctly calculated in the employee's paycheck, which Accero was able to provide.

Accero is uniquely qualified to offer solutions that fit the needs of multiple outlets and complex payroll requirements. The company is quickly becoming known for providing a proven, reliable and affordable solution that configures easily to individual benefit and human resource needs.

"We chose Accero over other providers because they were able to take an extremely complex benefits structure and handle it with ease," said Michael Cibelli, chief technology officer for Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. "Accero is the best product on the market for high -maintenance benefit and HR structures. We look forward to working with such a trusted partner."

Accero recently introduced Accero Workforce Intelligence, a product that will provide even greater visibility and analytics into employee data, creating a powerful HR decision-making tool.