Accelirate Launches Its New Automation Accelerator Program RPA90X

Accelirate's new program RPA90X is designed to fast-track the implementation of automation tools in a business.

Accelirate Inc, a Business Process Automation Services firm is very excited to announce its 90-day Automation Accelerator program, RPA90X. This program is designed to get a company’s Automation Initiatives in shape by identifying the right processes to show immediate return of man-hours back to the business.

This Program was designed after analyzing the challenges Fortune 1000 companies face in their automation journeys, starting with Platform Installation, setting up Infrastructure with IT, to building an Automation Process Pipeline, and ultimately Development and Testing.

“When you are first embarking on your Automation journey, there will be a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainty of which processes are best suited, and usually this is all being done by someone that doesn’t even have an Automation Background.  Regardless of the person’s background, finding the right information to select the best platform and the right resources to perform a proper pilot program can be overwhelming, and this is where RPA90X takes over,” says Accelirate’s CSO Matt Gallo.

The RPA90X is designed to get in and get real results through a structured E^3 strategy i.e. Educate, Evaluate and Execute. Often too much time is spent on the Educate and Evaluate portion because large consulting companies know this is a ripe space to get into other areas of a company’s business. The end result is months spent evaluating for a Proof of Concept, and the business is left with only a few processes in place with no real ROI to show. Our approach is to do Proof of Value projects that show immediate ROI to the business.

Accelirate’s RPA90X delivery pod will consist of a compact client-dedicated team including an RPA Lead, Process Analyst and RPA Engineer who are backed and supported by Accelirate’s Infrastructure Architects as well as accelerators that allow rapid development and CoE setup.

To learn more about how Accelirate’s RPA90X can help your business achieve its automation goals, visit or email at

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