Accelirate Wins UiPath Regional Partner Innovator Award 2018

Accelirate was selected from 500+ UiPath partners attending their Forward Americas event to receive the Regional Partner Innovator Award.

​​​​​Accelirate Inc., a Business Process Automation Services leader today, had the honor of being selected to receive the Innovator Award at the 2018 UiPath Forward Americas Event.

UiPath is a Global Robotic Process Automation Company that is the leader on Forrester’s most recent evaluation of RPA Platforms. The company holds two major events annually across the U.S. each year. Both their UiPathForward and UiPathTogether events are known for their ability to “sell-out” of space quickly and the conferences themselves hold great merit in the RPA Industry. The UiPath Forward event is the more elite of the two being that it is held but once a year in only four global regions; Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Asia Pacific & Australia, and Japan. This year their 2018 Americas Event was held October 4th in Miami, Florida. Accelirate Executives attended the conference in Miami and were announced as the recipients of this year’s Top Innovator award for the business’s creativity, knowledge, and hard-work in the past year.

Accelirate was chosen from over 500 UiPath partners attending the conference to receive the Regional Partner: Innovator Award. This title was awarded to Accelirate alongside the Global Partner Winner: PWC. During the ceremony, while announcing the winners, Arjun Iyer, VP of Partner Management, Americas from UiPath, stated that “This award is going to a company that is quickly becoming the Top AI and Automation Company in the country.”

After the announcement that Accelirate Inc. was the recipient, it was stated that one of the main reasons they were selected for the title was because of their 90-day Automation Accelerator Program, RPA90X. The program was introduced in early 2018 and is already being honored for its success and affluence.

The mastermind behind the RPA90X Program, Chief Sales Officer and Associate Partner, Matt Gallo says: “It’s pretty simple, Accelirate has a clear unified goal of Accelerating RPA and AI in the enterprise and process automation is our entire focus. RPA90X is a proven, established program that gives our clients a clear and scalable path to a successful Automation Program.”

The program is designed to help Fortune 1000 businesses determine the right processes for them to automate and help them to select the processes that will show the immediate return of company man-hours. Through the E^3 Structure, Accelirate helps companies get real results from process automation by educating, evaluating, and executing all things RPA.

Interested in trying out the Award-Winning Company and their exceptional Robotic Process Automation Program for yourself? Contact or visit their website to learn more!

Source: Accelirate Inc.

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