Accelirate Named Official Diamond National Partner of UiPath

Accelirate Inc.

Accelirate Inc., a Business Process Automation Services leader, had the recent honor of being named a Diamond National Partner of UiPath.

UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation Platform Provider and a titan in the RPA industry. As the largest niche RPA and AI Service Provider in the United States, Accelirate has been a formal partner with UiPath since 2017, which was their first year of operation. The partnership between these two RPA Industry leaders has always been strong; During the fall of 2018, Accelirate was awarded the UiPath Regional Partner Innovator Award for their RPA90X Program, which is a 90-day Automation Accelerator Program that has helped many enterprises get their RPA initiatives off the ground in 90 days. Accelirate Inc. is happy to strengthen their relationship with UiPath further as they are now being recognized as a UiPath Diamond National Partner.

To be considered a Diamond National Partner, UiPath has several different requirements a partner must meet before they can even be considered for Diamond Status. The partner must have an RPA Practice Business Plan that includes: business consulting, professional services, developer strategy, and execution plans. They must also have internal RPA implementation/delivery documentation and an internal RPA training program for their employees. Accelirate also has both a testing/development environment and a developer team, which, too, are required to become a UiPath Diamond National Partner.

Along with the business practice requirements aforementioned, there are also UiPath Partnership specific criteria that must be met. Because Accelirate is now officially a Diamond National Partner, that means all of the following specifications are true of their partnership with UiPath. A Regional Diamond Partner must have at least 20 UiPath sales, 50 UiPath Advanced Developers employed, 15 UiPath Certified Developers, 15 Infrastructure Engineers, 15 Solution Architects, and 5 Business Analysts.

Even if a UiPath partner meets all of the mentioned requirements, the last requirement is the most important. To ascend to diamond status, a UiPath partner has to consistently provide proof of delivery to both their clients and to UiPath. Accelirate has shown UiPath this success by meeting their diamond standard of having at least 10 validated UiPath referenceable Customers.

Accelirate Inc. is an accredited RPA Service Leader and has proven their strength and expertise to both their clients and their platform partners. To learn more about Accelirate and their RPA and AI Service offerings, visit or contact

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