Accelerating Development of Non-Opioid Pain Medicines

Neil Singla, Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Clinical Research, Chaired the fourth annual American Pain Society Conference on Analgesic Trials (APS-CAT)

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Dr. Neil Singla, Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Clinical Research, Chaired the fourth annual American Pain Society Conference on Analgesic Trials (APS-CAT), which showcased experts in the analgesic clinical trial space who discussed accelerating the development of non-opioid pain medicines via improved clinical trial design and conduct. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (, 2.1 million people in the United States experienced an opioid use disorder in 2017, and of those, over 43,000 died from opioid overdoses. APS-CAT provided a forum for industry experts to collaborate with academicians, scientists, researchers and regulatory experts to share new ideas and best practices in the design and conduct of clinical pain trials, via speaker presentations and open question and answer sessions with the audience.

​Neil Singla, MD presented on “Acute vs. Chronic Pain: Experimental Models, Regulatory Pathways and Market Opportunities.” The speaker panel also included Nathaniel Katz, CEO, Analgesic Solutions; Robert Dworkin, Ph.D., Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry, University of Rochester Director, ACTTION public-private partnership with the FDA; William Schmidt, PhD, President, NorthStar Consulting; Michael Oshinsky, MD, Program Director, Pain and Migraine, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health; and Lee Simon, MD, Principal, SDG, LLC & Former Director, FDA Division of Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Ophthalmologic Drug Products. 

Industry leaders Barry Quart, Pharm. D., CEO, Heron Therapeutics; Scott Kelley, MD, CMO, Flexion Therapeutics and James Campbell, MD, President and CSO, Centrexion Therapeutics, shared their personal experience and perspectives on scientific, regulatory and economic concerns for rapid development of non-opioid analgesics. The open forum format of the conference allowed audience members to ask questions about lessons learned on the pathway to FDA approval, in a joint effort to help support the rapid development of non-opioid pain medicines to help combat the opioid epidemic.

“This was my first APS-CAT meeting and it was gratifying to interact with a diverse audience that included government, academic, and pharma/biotech pain product development constituents,” said William Moore, CEO of Vizuri Health Sciences. “The meeting topics were current and informative, and I was able to personally meet with experts who can help Vizuri advance its innovative topical pain product, CGS-200.”

The American Pain Society hosted APS-CAT as part of its 2019 Scientific Meeting, where presenters shared emerging advancements in pain research and clinical practice with the central theme “Combating the Opioid Epidemic through Innovations in the Treatment of Pain”. APS-CAT continues to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback with respected thought leaders in analgesic clinical research working to improve clinical pain trials through discussion on topics including experimental methods to increase analgesic trial assay sensitivity and the pros/cons of common clinical pain models.

About Lotus Clinical Research: Lotus Clinical Research is a specialty analgesic CRO, research site, and regulatory consulting firm supporting all phases of discovery for analgesic treatments and has played a role in 10 analgesic FDA approvals. Led by Dr. Neil Singla, Lotus focuses on optimizing design/conduct of clinical trials in pain providing scientific leadership at every step of the development process. In assisting with the advancement of pain therapies, Lotus Clinical Research seeks to invent and operationalize research methods that improve study design and conduct for analgesic trials, which support our mission to help alleviate the U.S. opioid crisis and enhance the safe treatment of pain worldwide. 

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