Accelerated Innovations Adds New Thought Leaders and Industry Specialists to Its Core Team

​​Accelerated Innovations, LLC (AI), known for its innovative engagement platform, MyMeter, has also been contributing to the overall evolution of the utilities industry.  AI has consistently helped raise the bar of customer engagement and data presentment for nearly a decade by partnering with industry thought leaders and by signing experts to its national team.  Most recently, Jon Hacker and Steve Nisbet, who each bring more than ten years of inside technical and field experience, are continuing their careers in the utilities sector by joining the AI team.

In the words of founder and CEO, Josh Headlee, “We are a software company that serves utilities. It only makes sense to ensure that the members of our core team who have been there and done that.  By inviting Jon and Steve to our team, we are welcoming veterans from the industry.  We are always leveling up.  We are excited about this.”

Today's technology needs to be personalized and AI consistently makes that a reality.

Jon Hacker, Director, Commercial Programs

When it comes to a utility’s consumption management and engagement software, solutions, and programming, and in order to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate change, AIs’ strategy has been to stay nimble and to build relationships within the industry first.

“There is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to true innovation in the industry, especially when considering commercial spaces,” says Hacker.  “AI’s hands-on approach that addresses the unique needs of each building and each utility is truly note-worthy.  Today’s technology needs to be personalized and AI consistently makes that a reality.”

The utility industry has historically developed in a very measured and deliberate way. To better understand the needs, demands, and direction of the energy utility world, AI has chosen to go to the source and engage with those who have first-hand experience on the frontlines of the industry.

With respect to client engagement, who better to lead the charge than someone who has been in the sector for over a decade?  Steve Nisbet knows that they only way to get things done is with a solutions mindset.  In his own words, “Utilities are beginning to look more at ways of achieving goals with their customers and partnering with them on important work. AI is already ahead of that demand and recognizes the ins and outs and all the work required behind the scenes when a customer flips a switch and a light turns on.”

As Accelerated Innovations grows, it’s commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions to complex problems is keeping up with the times.

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AI is headquartered in St. Paul, MN and has additional field staff based in Denver, CO, Raleigh- Durham, NC and New York, NY.  AI is the team behind the MyMeter energy engagement platform. MyMeter is a bridge leveraging utility smart metering infrastructure to give businesses and home owners greater control over their energy use. MyMeter's utility partners realize verified energy savings and improved customer care through greater opportunities to engage, communicate, and empower customers with tools for energy use feedback, alerts, analytics and prepaid billing.

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