Accelerated Connections Inc. Acquires OneConnect Services Inc. and Canopco to Become One of Canada's Leading Independent Telecom Companies

Accelerated Connections Inc. (ACI) announced today it has acquired OneConnect Services Inc., a large independent business telecommunications provider, as well as hospitality communications division Canopco, from diversified Canadian investment company and telecommunications operator Globalive Capital Inc. With this acquisition, ACI will be poised to compete with the largest incumbent telecom companies in Canada.

In a move that will double revenue for ACI, the newly-combined company hits the ground running with more than 100 employees supporting over 1,000 fibre Ethernet connections, over 12,000 Hosted PBX and SIP trunking customers, multiple data centres across the country, over 100 national retail brands, and over 1,000 hotels.

The acquisition also translates to wins across all three properties. “This move puts ACI in a position to more effectively compete with Canada’s largest incumbent telecom companies,” said ACI founder and president Michael Garbe. “This gives us access to a larger portion of the market, and businesses will have more choice when it comes to their service provider.”

“For OneConnect and Canopco, it means a larger geographical footprint as well as a brand new colocation offering.”

Canopco was founded by Globalive 18 years ago and owns much of the communications landscape in the hospitality sector. This move gives ACI the access to the industry they’ve been looking for. “The merger allows ACI to leverage Canopco’s existing network of hotels to aggressively get more clients in the hospitality industry. ACI has recently started to move into hospitality industry connectivity,” said Garbe.

“We are pleased with this transaction, which gives OneConnect and Canopco the ability to extend the ACI services to their growing customer base,” said Brice Scheschuck, Chief Executive Officer of Globalive Capital Inc. “With the combined companies’ complementary strengths, ACI, OneConnect and Canopco will be able to meet the growing demands of the marketplace and offer even more customers an alternative, independent communications solution.”


Source: Accelerated Connections Inc.


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