Accanito Capital Group Steps Forward as Presenting Sponsor for the STARability Charity Gala to Provide Programs to Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Naples, Florida venture capital company Accanito Capital Group announces their sponsorship of the 2022 STAR Gala on February 12th — hosted by STARability, which transforms the lives of individuals with disabilities through social, vocational and educational connections to the community.

Accanito Capital Group has stepped forward as the presenting sponsor for STARability's annual fundraising event, the STAR Gala, on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022 at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida.

Accanito Capital Group is a venture capital company also located in Naples, Florida — a firm that fast-tracks growth for emerging small- to mid-sized businesses. With a strong pedigree of successful investments, Accanito Capital not only provides a capital infusion, but they also deliver a wide range of support to their partners — including leadership coaching and development, sales and marketing strategy, employee development, and an array of shared resources.

Accanito Capital Founder and CEO, Brent Seaman, commented on the firm's support of STARability: "We're proud to support this landmark event and stand side-by-side with STARability. Through their community engagement programs, their organization really focuses on the abilities of their participants — and not the disabilities." Seaman continues, "It's a mission with which I have a special connection, as the parent of a daughter with developmental challenges. Ultimately, it's a mission the entire Accanito Capital team is honored to support."

And what a noble mission it is. STARability Foundation has come a long way from their roots in 1983, when about a dozen parents formed a nonprofit organization to serve individuals with disabilities. Today, they offer programs that focus on vocational training, continuing education, teamwork, social engagement and community involvement for more than 250 participants and their families.

The gala is STARability's largest fundraising event of the year — featuring a cocktail hour and their signature Diamond Drop under the stars, followed by a wonderful dinner, Cirque du Soleil-style entertainment, and a slate of live and silent auctions. Proceeds from the STAR Gala ensure STARability can preserve and expand its innovative programs that shine light on ability, not disability.

Commenting on the event and partnership with Accanito Capital Group, STARability Chief Executive Officer, Karen Govern, says, "We are excited to partner with the Accanito Capital Group on the 2022 STAR Gala, Light the Night. Brent and Jana Seaman deeply understand the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community and gaps in services they face daily. Govern continues, "They know that our participants need and deserve programs and services that help them learn, find meaningful jobs, engage in life-enriching experiences and stay connected to the community. We're grateful to them and Accanito Capital for believing in our mission and participants."

About STARability:

The STARability Foundation is a nonprofit with a mission of serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With a professional staff and more than 100 volunteers, STARability delivers a full calendar of engaging, innovative and creative programs to ensure that participants can live their best lives. To help support the work of STARability or learn more, visit

About Accanito Capital:

Accanito Capital Group, LLC is a venture capital group; a holding company whose goals center around driving revenue for small to mid-sized businesses experiencing fast tracked growth. Aside from providing support through funding, we step in behind the ownership and their management team to provide mentorship and human capital allowing companies to navigate around the complex issues that are holding them back from the next stage of growth. For more information, visit


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