ACC Recruits Grads at Nassau Community College Hiring Fair

ACC leaders spent a day at Nassau Community College's hiring fair, talking to students about the booming customer acquisition industry, the advantages of joining the firm, and what an ideal candidate looks like.

  Demand for ACC’s consulting and marketing services continues to rise, thanks to the firm’s success in acquiring consumers for its national service partners. The company will be growing quickly to keep up with the needs of telecom services providers, which means there will be several entry-level positions available to the right people. 

While industry experience and work history are appreciated, there are even more attractive features sought in an ACC applicant. Soft skills like determination, a willingness to learn new skills, and ambition are more important. Also, company leaders appreciate a candidate with poise: not only will he or she stand out in a crowd, but they know how to own a room with beaming confidence. 

ACC can afford to look for cultural fit over skill set because of the firm’s comprehensive training system. From day one, new hires are paired with coaches for one-to-one guidance, and will attend workshops, seminars, and other development events. Which is why the Nassau Community College job fair was a perfect place to recruit future associates; new graduates are already in a continual learning habit, with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and a strong desire to prove themselves as professionals.

How to Prepare for an ACC Career Opportunity

Hiring managers will be speaking with a lot of hopefuls in the next few months, so showing up to the interview prepared to impress is crucial. Applicants should, first and foremost, do their homework. Two to three hours of research should be sufficient to uncover the specifics of the customer acquisition industry, ACC methodology, and even background information on company leaders. In this amount of time one can also review the firm’s blogs and social media feeds, catching an interviewee up on current events.

On the day of the interview, candidates should show up five to 10 minutes early, with several copies of their resumes on hand. First impressions matter, so they should dress for success, taking the time to pick out a professional outfit the night before and making sure all clothing and accessories communicate the right message. 

For savvy applicants with big goals and strong desires to make their marks as professionals, ACC represents a uniquely satisfying opportunity full of growth development, travel, and more. Company leaders are looking forward to speaking with Nassau Community College graduates in the near future to help support the firm’s expansion goals for the future.

About ACC:
ACC is a growth-focused customer acquisitions firm. It is a reputed leader in the marketing and consulting field. The team designs, launches, and manages outreach campaigns. Their expertise builds awareness, engagement, and overall market presence. The company’s success is due to a culture of passion, energy, and empowerment. ACC’s impact is extending into new regions due to rising demand for its services. This gives the firm greater power to gain ground on behalf of growing businesses. Commitment to values such as integrity and excellence further set the firm above others in the industry. Visit to learn more about how they make an impact.

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