Acadsoc's New User Centre Put into Practice!

October 19th, 2013, Acadsoc ( has released its new user center officially. As the changing of our strategic target, the online tutoring platform and our video learning platform have been independent of each other.

With the development of our platform, we have attracted a great number of tutors from top universities around the world. Such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harvard University, Stanford University and so on; We increase a wide range of language, academic subjects and service related courses to attracted more students; We also split three main platform for our different targets, which are online tutoring, study abroad and video learning. As for this situation, we release the new user center to keep the highest level of security, protecting your privacy and payment transactions. Each platform has its own account, it will help you manage your account easily, and make sure the high security of your account as well.

In the user center, it also very easy to manage your basic information such your name, your email address, your passwords time zone, and your AC wallet. First visit our user center of your account, stop and point on your User Id by your mouse, which on the left top of our home page (, and then select the Account Settings. Then you can edit your basic information and manage all issues related with ACs and transactions on the page very easily. And just click on the Acadsoc logo on the left top of the User Centre page, if you want to return to the Online Tutoring Platform.

Actually if you have any problems or confuses, you can take our FAQ for your reference. The FAQ has already been revised based on the new User Centre. Just click on "Support" on the right top of the home page to see FAQ. You may find many solutions.

At present, our video Learning site ( has only the Chinese language version, but we will release the English version for you very soon. Please look forwards to it. Thanks for your attention to Acadsoc! Your support is our motivation to move on. We will do our best to serve you!

About Acadsoc:
Acadsoc (also known as Online Academic Society) is an international one-stop shop for languages, academic subjects as well as services. It is a platform that enables tutors and learners to come together to learn and to teach. The Acadsoc community is made up of students of all ages (from primary school to adults) and tutors from a variety of backgrounds (such as professional teachers, graduate teachers and social teachers).

About Acadsoc