Acadia Antlers Stars on Episode 6 of the Big Pitch With Kevin Harrington

Acadia Antlers, a family owned moose antler dog chew company from Ramsey, NJ is the only antler company hand selected by industry experts at SuperZoo to appear on The Big Pitch based on offering long lasting, all natural products both sourced and made in USA on Fox Business Broadcast.

Trade shows are the great incubators of innovation and ingenuity.  Every must-see, must-have product purchased in stores by American consumers begins its journey at a closed-door industry-only event.  SuperZoo is no exception.  In fact, it was at the Las Vegas pet product  show earlier this year that The Big Pitch discovered Acadia Antlers, a family owned dog chew business from Ramsey, NJ, during a pressure-packed five-minute presentation delivered to direct marketing guru and original Shark Tank “Shark” Kevin Harrington and his fellow panelists.

 That pitch landed Acadia Antlers a slot on Episode 6 of The Big Pitch, which aired December 20th on the Fox Business Network, which goes to 80 million U.S. homes.  Viewers who liked Acadia Antlers as much as Harrington were able to purchase the product while the show was broadcast.  

The segment featured excerpts from the pitch, with additional footage from SuperZoo, and a demo by infomercial star Cory Bergeron.  The entire 30-minute program (as well as the individual Acadia Antlers segment) will now run continuously at, where viewers can purchase products anytime at a special price.            

 “These are long-lasting dog chews made from naturally shed Maine moose antlers,” says Harrington.  “They don’t make a mess, they don’t splinter or smell, and they are an excellent source of calcium”.      

“Rawhide chews last for a few hours – believe me, I know,” adds Bergeron.  “These antlers will last for months.”                                                           

“They also have a Got Moose? Antler dust product – ground down antlers that can be added to dog food for extra calcium,” says Harrington.                               

The Big Pitch is filmed at major trade shows in the U.S., where the coolest new products debut long before the public sees them.  A mobile production unit sets up a multi-camera television studio on-site and pre-screens 150-plus applicants to identify a select group for a day of pitches.        

Acadia Antlers was one of 6 products picked as The Best of SuperZoo.  For more information on America’s longest lasting all natural dog chews, please visit


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