Abviva Announces Plan to Return to OTCBB & Shareholder Awareness Program

Abviva announces a plan to return to return to the OTC Bulletin Board and a shareholder awareness program.

Santa Barbara, California, May 14, 2010-Abviva, Inc. (Abviva) (Ticker: ABVV), a biomedical company engaged in the development and commercialization of breast cancer related applications of Mammastatin, announced today that it has a plan to regain compliance the OTCBB listing requirements and will begin a shareholder awareness program to provide better communication with its shareholders.

The Mammastatin Serum Assay was developed from the Mammastatin technology discovered by scientists at the University of Michigan Cancer Center and originally published in the journal Science. This new patent signifies the increased importance of the Mammastatin Serum Assay for early breast cancer detection and further strengthens the intellectual property protection of the test.

The MSA is developed as a simple blood test that identifies and measures the amount of Mammastatin in women. The MSA is a risk-assessment tool intended to be used by physicians, clinics and hospitals to aid in the early detection of breast cancer and as a broad population based early breast cancer screening test. The MSA was previously studied on women with and without breast cancer and produced striking results. In the original studies 98% of the women who reported never being diagnosed with breast cancer or treated for breast cancer had normal or elevated levels of Mammastatin, as measured by the MSA. More importantly, 74% of the women in the studies who reported being diagnosed with breast cancer or being treated for breast cancer had no detectable levels of Mammastatin present or very low levels. These findings correlated with the original research conducted at the University of Michigan Cancer Center that demonstrated Mammastatin was normally produced by breast epithelial cells in healthy women and was missing or reduced in transformed breast epithelial cells.

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