About 45 Million Americans Aren't Getting Speeds They Pay For

Allconnect.com Evaluated Months of Data to Determine the Internet Speeds People are Getting


Allconnect.com, a leading broadband marketplace, yesterday announced the results of a new report on the internet speeds in the United States using Federal Communications Commission and proprietary data.

To determine the difference between advertised speeds and actual speeds Americans are getting in their homes, the Allconnect team evaluated internal data on actual speeds recorded over the last few months and compared that to the advertised speeds offered by providers. 

"Our team spent weeks reviewing and analyzing internet speed data gathered over several months. By reviewing download speeds recorded in our system and matching those speeds to their internet type, we are able to determine whether the speeds recorded match the average advertised speed by the providers offering the internet service," said Robin Layton, editor at Allconnect.com.

The report revealed there is a disparity between the speeds people are getting versus the speeds they signed up for. Much of the data showed the type of internet a person has affects how different their speeds may be compared to the advertised speeds.

Additional findings include:

  • Fiber and cable internet have the biggest gap - with most people getting, on average, about 55% of the speeds they pay for
  • Satellite and DSL internet, on the other hand, offer customers significantly lower speeds but exceed the internet speed provided versus what is advertised
  • Across the U.S., people are getting about 79% of the internet speed they pay for

"Having dependable internet is crucial right now, and with so many options available, it is important to have information like this to help consumers make the right choice for their needs. Being able to compare various aspects of internet service like reliability and speed helps make those decisions a little easier," Layton adds.

The full report and methodology can be found here: 


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Source: Allconnect.com