ABnote™ Group Rebrands as American Banknote Corporation or ABCorp™

​Today American Banknote Corporation announced that it has consolidated its regional brands under the single global brand of American Banknote Corporation or ABCorp to more seamlessly present the broader global organization, its products and solutions capabilities.

In announcing the new branding Mr. William (Bill) Brown CEO of American Banknote Corporation stated "ABCorp is the parent company to more than a dozen operating entities around the globe with innovative products and solutions. It is critical that our customers are aware of the many ways in which we can help their business and that we make products and solutions developed in one region available to all of our customers globally."

Mr. Brown went on to say "for the past 220+ years ABCorp has been at the center of nearly every major innovation in the secure access, credentials and payments sectors - paper, plastic or digital; physical or mobile, there is nobody in the world with more experience.  In a digital world where aesthetic and utility take priority, we ensure that the word secure is quietly woven into the discussion."

About ABCorp:  Pioneered the concept of secure transactions in 1795 when it assisted the newly formed United States and Bank of the United States to produce counterfeit-resistant currency.  Over the past 220+ years ABCorp has produced products and solutions for countless governments, corporations and not-for-profit organizations.  Products and solutions include passports, national IDs, driver's licenses, vital records, stock and bond certificates, checks, payment cards, processing systems, inventory management, B2B, B2C, document solutions including customer journey enhancement and payment solutions, among others.

For more information:

Steve Andrinos
Global Co-Head of Sales
American Banknote Corporation

Jean-Philippe Ruault
SVP Financial Products
American Banknote Corporation

Source: American Banknote Corporation (ABCorp)


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