Ableton Warping From A to Z

When : Weds Feb 15, 2012 7-9pm Where : iComputer Denver Address : 605 Grant St, Ste 605 Denver Cost : $10 adv / $12 door Skill Level : Beginner +

This workshop covers the basics of warping and advanced methods for warping. Learn how to warp fast and easy, select the correct warp engine, and prepare your data for performance, and use Ableton to the fullest!

Chris Lawhead (Online Music Lab) and Marc Wei (Ableton Colorado) will present what you need to know to control your audio in the powerful Ableton warping engine.

Basic Warping : How to warp a new track with ease.
Beyond the Basics : Data handling, modulation, & audio limitations
From Clip to Platter : Organization of data using the Platter Method
Good to Know : Know the pitfalls and avoid bad habits

This workshop is perfect for the beginner and intermediate Ableton user.

This is an event is a creation of The Modern DJ Evolution:

Our Mission Statement :

Dedicated to improving and reshaping electronic music with the aid of practical experimentation, scientific knowledge, new technology, and forward thinking.

King Britt via YouTube understands :

"...its getting to a point now where djs are not gonna play just tracks. Buying tracks ...will be obsolete soon. ...what will seperate you from the rest?

The art of the DJ rose to dominance with great speed in the 1990′s. By 2000 clubs understood that DJs were easy tools to fill the room and sell drinks. No band, no live sound issues, one person, and the ability to play music people want to hear; be it pop, top 40, rock, house, industrial, noise, hip-hop, or any music on vinyl, CD, or digitized.

As the DJs increased control of the clubs the electronic music producer and the personal studio prooves that anyone with time and dedication is able to produce music of the highest quality. This new music created a sub-class of producer/DJ who takes original work and performs music for the masses.

It was clear in the early 2000′s that DJing was running out of steam. Generally complete by 2008, digital DJing has a lot of resistance. New tools, use of effects, custom control, and the possibilities of new technology suffered considerable setbacks as the legacy DJ contingency dragged their heels. Vinyl purists, bad attitudes, and fear of change became part of the transition.

"I experimented with Traktor in the beginning and it just wasn't nearly as flexible for what I wanted to do." -The Polish Ambassador

This new technology and the fear induced in the legacy DJ audience was the break controllerism needed to enter the market and begin domination of modern sound. Controllerism and the Modern DJ is the new paradigm. Exacting control, new ideas, cut-ups, mash-up, remixing live, and new possibilities in hybrid performance and visual control began to case a greater and greater shadow on the old methods of DJs. is excited to participate in the growth of this new form of expression.


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