Abdulhameed Jasim's New Book 'Statistical Models For Business Planning and Sustainable Development' Is An Informative Opus One Should Read To Ensure Success In Business

Fulton Books author, Abdulhameed Jasim, a director of researchers for 27 years in the field of planning and statistics, an associate professor for fourteen years, has completed his most recent book "Statistical Models for Business Planning and Sustainable Development": an in-depth discussion on how to make one's business venture a success. It contains techniques, methods, and tools that will be useful in the day-to-day management of the business.

Jasim shares, "Phase 1: methods & tools for testing and assuring to have an accurate analyzing result (e.g., hypotheses testing)

Phase 2: methods of analyses to describe the business situation and to find out factors influencing its development that needed to be employed later for models building phases (e.g., using principal components analysis)

Phase 3: methods & tools of analyses that create options for the business future scenarios to make judgment upon choice of the best scenario (e.g., using sensitivity analysis) in addition for making prediction and estimation (e.g., multiple regression analysis)               

Phase 4: following up the business progress using methods by which to look at the business development seasonally, periodically and in long term to see where it is standing (e.g., time series analysis)

Phase 5: analyses methods to figure out how the development and the plan is going in comparison with the other competitive businesses and with time passing (e.g., Index numbers)

Phase 6: employing techniques to make the right decision on the business quality to put business on the right path (e.g., reliability, management decision theory and linear programming)

Phase 7: using developed models for maintaining quality and to sustain business excellency"

Published by Fulton Books, Abdulhameed Jasim's book is a highly insightful piece on the importance of business planning. The statistical models presented in this read will aid the planner or the decision-maker in addressing future situations and problems.

This will make a great reference book for students studying business administration, also to anyone who wants to secure success in the field.

Readers who wish to experience this pedagogical work can purchase "Statistical Models for Business Planning and Sustainable Development" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books