ABCorp and Unlimited Tomorrow Partner to Manufacture Prosthetic Limbs

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American Banknote Corporation (ABCorp), one of the longest-standing manufacturing service providers in the U.S., announced today the partnership with Unlimited Tomorrow for production of its TrueLimb® prosthetic Limbs. 

"ABCorp has a history dating back more than 225 years of providing Essential Critical goods and services to world-class companies and federal, state, and local government agencies in more than 120 countries worldwide," said William Brown, ABCorp Chairman and CEO. "Many of our relationships date back decades, if not centuries, and we do not enter into strategic partnerships impulsively. We are pleased to announce our new association with Unlimited Tomorrow for the latest generation of prosthetic limbs."

The manufacturing will take place in ABCorp's 125,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility and will be powered by the HP MJF Systems and Desktop Metal Shop SystemTM — enabling ABCorp to cost-effectively 3D print end-use parts with unparalleled speed and productivity. ABCorp offers design and mid-volume production capacity under a single roof, with the flexibility of multiple base materials including polymers and stainless steel, including 316 for medical devices. All production takes place in ABCorp's highly secure FDA-registered facility with HiTrust certification and HIPPA compliance to ensure the security of Unlimited Tomorrow's confidential and sensitive projects. 

"I am pleased to announce our partnership with ABCorp for 3D printing services," said Easton LaChappelle, founder and CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow. "Our mission is to use all available technology and resources to make the highest-quality, lowest-cost prosthetic arms in the world, and ABCorp directly supports this mission."

ABCorp offers the latest platform for both existing and new clients across the entire manufacturing sector. For more information about ABCorp's new metal 3D printing capabilities, visit or email at

About ABCorp

ABCorp is a provider of Essential Critical goods and services for authentication, payment, and secure access. Customers span federal, state, and local government agencies and companies across the commercial, financial, healthcare, and transit sectors. ABCorp's history dates back more than 225 years to 1795. Our products and services have changed, but secure envelopes everything we do. Today, ABCorp offers a wide variety of products and services. We design, manufacture, and personalize contactless credit and debit cards and 3D print highly detailed prototypes and parts.

About Unlimited Tomorrow

Unlimited Tomorrow is a medical device company providing next-generation artificial arms to individuals with upper limb differences. By combining the latest advancements in 3D technology with smart algorithms, Unlimited Tomorrow is putting affordable, high-functioning prosthetic arms within reach of millions of people who need them. At 1/10th the cost of traditional prosthetics, the company's TrueLimb® bionic prosthetic arm is the most personal, most intuitive, lightest-weight bionic arm in the world. It is the only arm of its kind to have all components manufactured, assembled, and supported in one facility in the United States. By offering access through both an industry-first direct-to-consumer model and through clinicians, Unlimited Tomorrow empowers users with accessibility and choice.

Source: ABCorp