ABC FinTech is Now on Wefunder, the Crowdfunding Giant

With a minimum investment of only $100, ABC FinTech is offering equity to virtually anyone who shares their excitement for disrupting traditional finance.

To kick off the New Year, ABC FinTech is launching a $1,070,000 capital raise on Wefunder to scale their tokenized commercial real estate investment platform. ABC FinTech, the operating company for ABC Tokens, aims to make commercial real estate investments more accessible, secure, and liquid. In 2021, ABC closed on more than $3 million in commercial real estate with another $50M in the pipeline for 2022.

With a minimum investment of only $100, ABC FinTech is offering equity to virtually anyone who shares their excitement for disrupting traditional finance. ABC is also broadening its base of token-holders by awarding Wefunder investors with ABC Tokens. This is the first Tokenized Commercial Real Estate portfolio available to investors.

"If you are passionate about lucrative investment opportunities, our fractional ownership solution for commercial real estate provides an opportunity to expand your portfolio with reduced risk and enhanced accessibility for both retail and institutional investors alike," said Matthew Andelman, CEO, and co-founder of ABC Tokens. "As we build on the successes of 2021, we are excited to greet the new year with an opportunity for investors across the world in our Wefunder launch."

ABC Token's blockchain-based digital securities fractionalize their real estate portfolio equity, lowering the capital needed to invest. Once ABC Tokens are listed on exchanges, the secondary market allows for free trade to support liquidity. ABC FinTech provides ongoing management of the platform and receives an AUM (assets under management) fee from ABC Tokens, the real estate holding company.

Wefunder, the world's largest crowdfunding platform, is designed to offer "angel investing for everyone." 

About ABC Tokens

Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency (ABC) Tokens is democratizing commercial real estate investing by lowering barriers to entry and creating fractional ownership through blockchain-based digital securities. ABC Tokens emphasizes security, liquidity, and accessibility for investors across the globe. For more information, please visit or go directly to the Wefunder page by clicking here:


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ABC (Asset-Backed Crypto) Tokens is democratizing commercial real estate investing. We believe real estate investing should be simple & accessible, so we created a platform that lowers the barriers to entry and offers unprecedented liquidity.

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