ABB Clean LLC Joins Forces With for (M)SDS Document Storage and Deployment

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ABB Clean LLC out of Olathe, Kansas has become the newest small business to associate themselves with ABB is a leader in commercial janitorial services for leased office space the area, and is now taking advantage of the free online (M)SDS binder and database that offers.

The database at has now reached 130,000 records, half of which are the newly formatted 16 section safety data sheets (SDS) required by OHSA. Registered users can add any (M)SDS records in the database to their free online binder as well as uploading any additional records that may not already be included in the database.

James Nodwell, founder & CEO of ABB Clean LLC says, "Uploading the documents he needed was not only fast, but easy. We're going to continue to use"

James Nodwell, CEO of ABB Clean LLC

James Nodwell, founder & CEO of ABB Clean LLC says, "Uploading the documents he needed was not only fast, but easy. We're going to continue to use"

OSHA regulation via the Hazard Communications Standard requires that employers provide SDS for any product that the employee may come into contact with and which might have an adverse effect on the employees' health. Those SDS sheets are published and made available by the manufacturer of each product and contain important information pertaining to the safe handling of the product, and what precaution the handler should take to protect himself. It's for this reason that the documents must be accessible by the employee throughout the workday.

Douglas Beale of Msds Catalog Service LLC the creator of says, "The SDS in printed form are cumbersome, many are 6 or 8 pages each. Cataloging them and keeping them all tougher in a binder requires a lot of time and effort, pages get lost, torn and mixed up. In an age where computers are commonly accessible in the workplace and just about everyone carries a smart phone, it just makes sense to store these documents and make them available online."

Msds Catalog Service sells generic and custom (M)SDS books online, and is its free alternative, it's open to all who wish to join. It's the largest safety data sheet database of its kind and the only one that offers the free online (M)SDS binder to its users.

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Msds Catalog Service 
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