Aashni Spiritual Living Announces the Release Of: The Grail Path

The Grail Path: Achieving Mystical Transformation for the Creative and Emotional Person is the first book in Aashni Spiritual Living's Mystical Transformation Series.

The Grail Path is a book that takes a revolutionary approach to spiritual transformation that turns the chakra system of inner development upside down. This book blends Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist, and Christian belief into a unified theory that helps creative and emotional people reach their highest human potential.

The Grail Path guides the creative and emotional person through a mystical transformation that calms the emotions and brings clarity to the mind. It contains the phases of the transformative experience, as well as meditations, exercises, and visualizations to deepen the mystical experience.

The two paths of enlightenment are like gas and diesel engines. You have to put the right fuel in the tank; otherwise the car will not go.

Mischa V Alyea

Founder of Aashni Spiritual Living

The deep meanings of myth and scripture come from the mystical experiences of the sages. Why did Jesus say that he would make Mary Magdalene male? What is the meaning underlying the Buddha’s flower sermon? Are the archetypes of Satan and Lucifer the same? These meanings, and many more, can be found in the mystical experiences that happen on the Grail path.

The symbols used in this ancient path reflect the understandings and life experiences of the average woman who moves from young virgin maiden, to bride, to mother, and finally to wise woman. The goal of the Grail Path is to fill the soul with the Light or the Divine Power of Grace. This path follows the chakras from the crown to the base, which is the exact opposite of The Hero’s Journey philosophy.

Is the Grail a platter, a cup, a horn of plenty, a rock, a seed, a divine child, or a woman? The only way to know is to follow The Grail Path


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Aashni Spiritual Living is a publisher of meditation books, meditation journals, and The Mystical Transformation Series. Our books include: The Grail Path, ½ Minute Meditations, Jesus' Wedding, and multiple Meditation Journals

Mischa V Alyea
Mischa V Alyea
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