AARDVARK Presents: Season 3 Premiere of 'The Debrief with Jon Becker'

'The Debrief with Jon Becker' Announces the Launch of Its Highly Anticipated Third Season 

'The Debrief' Season Three Premiere

"The Debrief with Jon Becker," the acclaimed conversational podcast that delves into the practices and leadership principles of elite tactical units, announces the launch of its highly anticipated third season. Featured guests this season include retired Delta Force Commander Pete Blaber, Former SEAL Team Six member Andy Stumpf, and Retired CIA Officer Marc Polymerapoulos. Special reports for this season will include insights on low-level blast effects on the brain and the use of cognitive training to improve operator performance.

In response to overwhelming listener demand, this season will mark a return to video podcasts while some episodes will remain audio-only to respect the privacy of certain guests. To enhance the viewer experience, an all-new studio has been developed to support the return to video content. 

“We are extremely excited to share this new season with our viewers and listeners,” said host Jon Becker. “We have a new studio for the show, are making a return to video, and the quality of guests we have for next season is amazing. We can’t wait to share it!”

The first episode debuts Jan. 17, 2024, with special guest Andy Stumpf, a former SEAL Team Six member and host of the "Cleared Hot" podcast. New episodes drop twice monthly and feature an exciting lineup of podcast guests as well as critical incident reviews from locations including Kentucky, Georgia, British Columbia, and Europe. 

About The Debrief:

The Debrief is a no-holds-barred, interview-based podcast that provides deep insights into the leadership principles practiced by some of the world's most elite tactical units. Each episode shares compelling stories from military and law enforcement leaders, offering valuable lessons on forming and leading highly effective teams. The podcast's overarching mission is to inspire and educate its audience, offering insights that create better leaders, thinkers, and individuals by shedding light on extraordinary stories in a productive and enlightening manner. The Debrief has consistently ranked in the top 20 government podcasts in a dozen countries, with more than 100,000 downloads to date.

Success and Recognition:

Since the launch of its first season in June 2022, The Debrief garnered widespread acclaim, earning numerous accolades, including the prestigious Platinum Muse Award. The podcast has also been featured on other esteemed platforms, such as the CATO Podcast, Tactical Breakdown, NPA’s Policing Matters, and On the Blue Line. Notably, The Debrief has been prominently featured in publications like the NTOA Tactical Edge, Police & Security News, and Police1.com.

Where to Listen:

Listeners can find The Debrief on popular podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Amazon. To stay up to date on the latest episodes and announcements, visit www.thedebrief.live.

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