AARDVARK Partner Sky-Hero Wins Innovation Award at Milipol Paris 2021 With LOKI Mk2

The Tactical Indoor sUAS has now been deployed to over 1,000 teams worldwide

Sky-Hero's LOKI Mk2 tactical sUAS, distributed exclusively in North America by Aardvark Tactical, recently won an Innovation Award at Milipol Paris 2021. This award aims to reward the most innovative companies in terms of products, materials, services, solutions, or business models in the homeland security industry. The jury, composed of international experts in their respective fields, presented the winning title to the NATO-approved Belgian company Sky-Hero for its innovation in the category of drone & anti-drone systems and robotics.

The LOKI Mk2 is the second generation of the widely used LOKI Mk1, which was the first sUAS specifically built for tactical indoor use. Already adopted by more than 1,000 teams across six continents, 47 U.S. states, and all ten Canadian provinces, LOKI Mk2 is the world leader in tactical indoor sUAS.

Designed, tested, and produced in Europe and the United States in conjunction with the world's top counterterrorism teams, LOKI Mk2 is a rugged, purpose-built sUAS that acts as a scout in close-quarter, indoor, and confined spaces. LOKI's integrated flight stabilization system allows it to autonomously hover without user input in a completely denied environment. Its impact-resistant body can withstand the full-contact nature of indoor flight and allows LOKI to self-right in the event of a crash. Its forward-facing day/night camera and on-board HD microphone provide real-time, lag-free intelligence to the operator in any conditions, while front and bottom selectable and dimmable IR LEDs maximize visibility in changing light conditions and allow LOKI to operate in total darkness. LOKI features a custom-built Stand-Alone Ground Controller that can control up to four devices simultaneously and does not require GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular service to operate. LOKI is also designed to act as a platform for tactical payloads, including less-lethal diversionary devices, light and laser packages, alternative cameras, and breaching payloads.

The LOKI Mk2 is exclusively distributed in North America by Aardvark Tactical. Aardvark finds, develops, and manufactures products that are purpose-built to protect tactical operators.

Learn more about the LOKI Mk2 Tactical sUAS at loki.aardvarktactical.com.

About Aardvark Tactical: Founded in 1987, Aardvark is a leading manufacturer, distributor and system integrator specializing in products that protect tactical operators from Local, State, Federal, and Military Units. Aardvark finds, develops, and manufactures purpose-built products that enhance tactical operator safety, and is fully committed to products that are designed for the end-user, their mission, and their protection. Aardvark is headquartered in La Verne, CA.

About SKY-HERO: Founded in 2013, Sky-Hero is a dynamic, flexible, fast-growing company specialized in drones and robotics and located in Brussels. With a target market in civil security, their clients range from military counter-terror teams to law enforcement special forces, to International Security companies, mountain rescue teams, and firefighters.

Source: Aardvark Tactical

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