Aardsma Research and Publishing Releases Findings on Biblical Manna, Pillar of Cloud and Fire

Independent research scientist publishes his findings on Israel's history

The Manna Set

An independent research scientist, Dr. Gerald Aardsma of Aardsma Research and Publishing, in central Illinois, has recently published a variety of research results demonstrating the historicity of Israel's wilderness wanderings recorded in the biblical books of Exodus and Numbers.

Manna—the white flaky substance recorded in the Bible as appearing on the ground in the desert every morning and sustaining millions of lives through the wilderness—can now be thoroughly explained and understood.

Bread from Heaven: The Manna Mystery Solved, a new book published by independent research scientist Dr. Gerald Aardsma, claims that the biblical account of manna can be nothing other than simply historical. As readers of the book will quickly learn, manna is a phenomenon that occurs naturally when there are millions of people, along with multiple millions of livestock, in an orderly encampment, on top of desert soil.

This new book explains not only what manna was, but also how it was produced, why it was absent on the Sabbath, how it sustained millions of lives in the wilderness, and much more.

In a related research vein, Dr. Aardsma has published articles explaining the science behind the Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire, which accompanied the Israelites in the wilderness. These phenomena occurred because of the unique circumstances of the Exodus encampments.

Although these ancient biblical narratives are commonly held to be mythological today, these discoveries strongly point to an Exodus narrative that is simply historical.

"When we read these Bible stories, they can sound like fairy tales," says Steve Hall, who works in communications for Dr. Aardsma. "However, when we take the accounts at face value and delve into understanding the related science, we find out that these accounts are more real than we ever imagined."

The Manna Set (book and sample packet of manna) can be obtained here, or by calling 217-803-0212.

Source: Aardsma Research and Publishing

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