AA Accident Attorneys Shares What Not to Do Following a Car Accident

In a new statement to the press, AA Accident Attorneys lists some common errors to avoid in the aftermath of a car accident.

​Statistically speaking, most individuals will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. It is comforting to think that all of us would behave calmly and level-headedly in this situation, but of course, when there are shattered glass and tattered rubber strewn about, it’s all too easy to panic. Even so, it is important for all motorists to try to remember some of the accident aftermath basics, and that includes knowing what not to do at the scene of the collision. In a new statement to the press, AA Accident Attorneys shares some examples.

“It’s important to be careful and not to do anything that could imperil your personal health and safety or your legal standing,” comments one car accident lawyer from the firm.

One example of this is admitting to fault. “Never tell the other drivers, or the police officer who arrives on the scene, that the accident was your fault,” comments AA Accident Attorneys. “Doing so will put all the legal onus on you. Don’t admit fault or apologize, even if you actually do think you were the one who caused the collision.”

It’s also best not to allow other drivers to leave. “Insist that they provide their contact and insurance information,” comments AA Accident Attorneys. “If they try to get away, that means they know they are at fault, and it may also mean they don’t have insurance. Try to get a photo of their vehicle, including the license plate and also a photo of their face.”

The car accident attorney also advises against declining medical care. “It is always important to seek a full medical evaluation, even if you don’t think you were truly injured,” comments AA Accident Attorneys. “Hopefully you’ll have nothing more than little scrapes or bruises, but you never know when there is a more serious injury laying dormant. Either go to the hospital, accept help from the EMTs, or go to an urgent care facility.”

Ultimately, the right behavior following a car accident can make it far easier to win maximum monetary compensation from the insurance company. “Take stock of what you should do, and shouldn’t do, following a collision,” the firm concludes. 

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