A3Cube CTO and Cofounder Emilio Billi Named 'Rising Entrepreneur of the Year'

Emilio Billi has been recognized as innovative entrepreneur with high leadership skills by The Technology Haedlines

A3Cube is proud to announce that its founder Emilio Billi has been nominated among the Rising U.S. Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017.

The Technology Headlines identifies top Entrepreneurs that have shown an unwavering focus on innovation and improving quality through hard work, dedication and inspiration. The editorial team looked to how these executives manage, create an organization and deliver change to the industry.

Unlike his counterparts who give more prominence to profits, Billi finds fulfillment in the perfection of his products and the joy in solving difficult challenges.

Mr. Carlos Chavez, Editor in Chief of The Technology Headlines

“I am honored to be selected as an Innovative Entrepreneur,” says Billi. “As an entrepreneur, it is a great achievement for me and for my company, I have always believed in my ideas even if many times ‘experts’ said to me that there was no market for them. I never listen to them.” Following his interview for the article, Billi’s story was chosen as the cover for the December issue. 

This latest recognition for A3Cube and its management comes on the heels of being recognized as a “Top Game Changer Startup” late last year by The Technology Headlines. The recognition of Billi is very important also as validation of A3Cube’s vision. According to Billi’s philosophy, A3Cube always put the moral and economic dignity of the people in front of everything else. In A3Cube everyone must have a passion for what they are doing.

Billi, a veteran of multiple successful startups, pioneers the transformation from high- performance computing (HPC) to high performance and high-speed data. He saw early on the critical modern data-driven challenges, requiring a new approach to super-computing. To eliminate inefficiencies while maximizing computing power, the A3Cube team develops new computing architectures focusing in concrete high-quality solutions.

“We are very proud of our team at A3Cube, and we welcome this recognition of Emilio. It is especially satisfying that the article focuses on both his business and management leadership as well as his technical skills,” said Antonella, Chief Executive Officer of A3Cube.

Billi recognizes that a top priority for any new company is to grow customers, enabling an expansion of the business. He is however fueled by a passion that extends beyond dollars and cents. “Unlike his counterparts who give more prominence to profits, Billi finds fulfillment in the perfection of his products and the joy in solving difficult challenges,” said Mr. Carlos Chavez, Editor in Chief of The Technology Headlines.

In a supercomputing industry that is growing to $33B by 2020, A3Cube and co-founders Billi and Antonella Rubicco look to expand operations in the U.S. while setting up additional subsidiaries in Europe. This expansion will provide new distribution avenues for upcoming supercomputing solutions and service offerings, a strong proposition that includes a new class of AI dedicated super-machines called “ELISA” and a brand new cloud offering.

For the full article, visit https://thetechnologyheadlines.com/digitalv/rising-entrepreneurs-of-year-2017.html.

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A3Cube’s integrated and purpose-built ultra-computing solutions are designed for data and compute-intensive applications, maximizing performance while optimizing resource efficiency. The A3Cube product portfolio consists of the Kira family of supercomputing solutions, powered by the Fortissimo Foundation OS and A3Cube’s exclusive architectural design. For more information, visit www.a3cube.com.

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