A1 Supplements Launches New Pre-Workout Supplement

Advanced formula powder line-up with Huperzine to boost focus and enhance workouts

A1Classic Pre-Workout

A1 Supplements introduces A1 Classic Pre-Workout as a replacement for their A1 Plus Pre-Workout line-up. With their proprietary brand of sports nutrition supplements, A1 Supplements has always been committed to offering the most effective, highest quality, products to their customers at the lowest prices. The new A1 Classic Pre-Workout is the first update to their successful A1 Plus Pre-Workout brand.

A1 Classic Pre-Workout is available in four new, exciting flavors- Orange Splash, Grape Splash, Fruit Punch Splash and Bombsicle Splash. The new, more powerful, formula has been carefully developed to deliver increased focus and energy through key ingredients such as Huperzine, L-Citrulline, Beta Anhydrous and Caffeine, and will remain a value-priced pre-workout brand.

"We are very proud to introduce our new A1 Classic Pre-Workout formula which we have developed with the knowledge of the simple fact that you want to crush it in the gym," said President of A1 Supplements, Manny Balani. "With A1 Classic you will get the energy and focus you need to power through tough workouts and perform at your peak." "This is a great product with proven ingredients," said Nick Reeves, Director of Purchasing at A1 Supplements, "so whether you are a gym junkie, weekend warrior or just starting out, A1 Classic will give you the fuel you need to keep achieving your goals, and we are very excited to offer it to our customers."

A1 Classic Pre-Workout is available on the A1 Supplements website.

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A1 Supplements is an online supplement company specializing in sports nutrition and lifestyle supplements based in Miami, Florida. An emphasis on providing the newest supplements, the best deals, and excellent customer service has helped their customers transform their bodies and achieve their health and fitness goals since 1999. Twenty-two years of experience has made A1 Supplements a leader in e-commerce and a trusted source for sport and lifestyle products.

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