A View From My Seat Launches Fan-Driven Seating Charts to See the Views

A View From My Seat is an open community where fans share photos and reviews from their seats at events around the world.

Wrigley Field

​​ A View From My Seat today released fan-driven seating charts. They provide an entirely new way to see the view from seats at venues around the world. Combining handcrafted design and meticulous research, with A View From My Seat’s massive library of fan photos videos and reviews, these charts are able to quickly give any event-goer vital information about their potential seats. These charts are able to show unlimited photos and reviews at the row level, along with ratings, section information and details, like accessibility. They make it quick and easy to see what you’re getting while buying tickets.

“These charts are absolutely beautiful and so easy to use. They’ll help millions of people make informed ticket purchases, which will lead to a better experience at the event,” said Frank Panko, Co-Founder and CEO of A View From My Seat. “I’ve had the privilege of being able to use these for the last few months and don’t know what I ever did without them. They’ve helped me pick out awesome seats for two concerts, some theatre and a few sports events.”

After two years of development, A View From My Seat is releasing 450 row-level seating charts, covering all major league sports, all of Broadway, major concert venues, and a slew of other popular stadiums, ballparks and arenas across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. One of the many things that make A View From My Seat’s seating charts special, besides being able to show multiple views per row, is that they are a collective whole of everyone’s contributions; anyone who has been to an event can add their own photos to the charts to help others. It’s a fan-first experience that grows every day.


About A View From My Seat

A View From My Seat was founded in 2010 to help event-goers easily find views and information for tickets they're about to buy. Having pioneered photo sharing for ticketed events, A View From My Seat has grown into the largest, curated library of seat views. They remain dedicated to helping families and fans find the best seats to create memorable experiences.

Sample Seating Charts:

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About A View From My Seat LLC

A View From My Seat is a free fan-driven platform where anyone can share photos and reviews from their seats at sports, concert and theatre venues around the world, so you can see what you're getting while buying tickets.

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