A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Warns Residents of Signs That Units Need Maintenance

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When it comes to HVAC units, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas has over four decades of professional experience. Leading the heating and cooling industry, they have been able to learn how and why units begin to break down. These findings save the customer money and time when an HVAC starts to wear down.

The company has over 40 technicians on the team, ready to answer the call of a customer in distress. For some residents, these calls come at a time where the unit breaks down completely.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas warns residents about the warning signs of a damaged or malfunctioning HVAC unit.

These reasons can be caught by the naked eye, but also by a rising bill. Higher than average costs could result from a unit not functioning properly. The company warns all owners to keep a watchful eye on the invoice, especially when the seasons change.

Smelling Burning Oil From Furnace

Having the unfortunate smell of burning from your furnace is not normal. While the job of the unit is to heat, a resident should not be smelling burning at any time.

The most common reason for this smell can be from burning oil. This odor means there is an oil leak and the fuel is burning off due to the motor's output. Also, the scent can be pulled up through the home's air ducts throughout the house, causing the smell to reach every room.

Calling the company hotline to have a technician respond is the first step. While waiting, a resident should turn off the furnace completely. Because of the quick response time, having the heat off will not become a problem for a short amount of time.

Musty Or Moldy Smell Coming From Air Ducts

While the scent of burning can be unsettling, the presence of mold or musty air can be even worse.

Air conditioning units tend to have condensation buildup. These buildups generate moisture inside the system. Too much condensation turns into mold and supplies the musty smell to the air ducts.

Moisture staying inside the unit is okay, but if it escapes to the ducts, a technician should become aware.

Everyone knows the dangers of mold. It is unsafe to breathe and is a common theme in basements of homes if not taken care of properly.

These buildups can become a nuisance around the HVAC units. More importantly, mold can cause serious medical issues over time. Thorough and proper cleaning of the air ducts solves the problem in just a few hours.

Puddles Around System Means Torn Insulation

Sensing or smelling problems can become easy fixes. But sometimes it is what you cannot see that can become costly.

These unseen problems could be a leak throughout the system. A torn insulation foam product can lead to leakage. For example, these tears could affect the refrigerant feeding line. The hole then turns into puddles, causing moldy air or mold on the unit.

Catching these problems can translate into a cheaper fix and can save residents from possible health problems.

There are more reasons to call A-US Air Conditioning of Texas for possible problems with an HVAC unit. But the reasons listed above are the more common.

Also, the company recently expanded operations to more markets. Having become the leader in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas, the company continues to grow to serve more residents.

With their 24/7 hotline, a customer has access to one of the company's professional technicians when a problem arises. Even during holidays and in the middle of the night, a customer can know someone can fix the problem.

To read more about their HVAC services and products, visit the company website.

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