A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Says Spring Cleaning Begins With HVAC Unit

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Spring cleaning has become a tradition throughout the country in many households. Some chores need to become completed as the weather warms up. A-US Air Conditioning of Texas warns all residents they should have their HVAC units on their spring cleaning lists.

"Most of these tasks take just a few minutes, but could mean saving money later in the year," says a company spokesperson. "If there is a problem, calling one of our technicians for quick repair or replacement will solve the problem."

The company has led the heating and cooling service industry for the past four decades in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. The family-owned business recently expanded their service area to reach more potential customers.

The areas where new locations are in Bryan/College Station, Longview, Austin, San Antonio, Tyler, and Wichita Falls. The expansion allows the company to answer more emergency calls during the year.

While A-US Air Conditioning of Texas has become more than happy to service customers, they want to let everyone know there are steps to making sure an HVAC unit is up to a dominant performance.

Best of all, if an emergency does arise for a business or home, the company has a hotline available 24/7. Even if a customer calls during a holiday or in the middle of a night, a skilled technician will answer the call.

"We pride ourselves on being available for emergencies and a demand from a customer on short notice," adds the company spokesperson. "While other companies are not reachable, we are ready."

But there are a few steps residents can take, so those middle of the night calls does not have to take place.

Checking Unit Thoroughly Will Save Money Down The Road

Residents should check their air conditioning and heating equipment before the beginning of the new season.

Also, checking and replacing furnace and air conditioning filters every few months means the system blows fresh air.

Air Duct Cleaning

During the fall and winter months, the possibility of gross things in the air ducts are high. Having a technician come to your home to clean these air ducts makes sure there are no blockage or foul odors ready to cause harm.

While having your air ducts cleaned means a healthy system of air in your home, the appointment can make sure other parts of the unit are working correctly.

Cleaning Standing Water By Unit

No one wants mold or musty smell blowing throughout their home. Making sure there are no standing pools of water near the unit could mean saving more money when the air conditioning functions.

If these areas with water are not cleaned up, they can let areas of the unit become moldy. When that happens, the smell and must blow through a home or business.

Removing Plants And Weeds From Around Outside Unit

Maximizing airflow becomes extremely important in the summer months. During the chilly months, plants, weeds, and leaves can grow and get caught in the unit.

The two-foot rule applies to any outdoor unit and clearing that space can save a headache later in the year.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas has over forty technicians on staff ready to answer all request. With decades of experience, the team can handle any HVAC problem, big or small.

To go along with their exceptional service, they offer packages to fit any budget. For example, the Preventative Maintenance Package helps prevent faulty equipment and answers the needs for efficient servicing. One of the experienced team members can explain these packages over the phone before scheduling an appointment.

To learn more about A-US Air Conditioning of Texas, visit their website here.

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