A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Provides Guidance to Possible Warning Signs of Faulty HVAC Units

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The family-owned business of A-US Air Conditioning of Texas has over four decades of expertise in the heating and cooling industry. With over 40 professionals on staff, they can promptly respond to emergency calls and tricky HVAC situations.

With their newly expanded coverage into San Antonio, Wichita Falls, Bryan/College Station, Austin, Tyler, and Longview, the company can handle large volumes of calls.

One aspect of the company that sets them apart from other HVAC servicing businesses is their emergency phone line. The line is open 24/7 and will take calls on holidays. When an emergency situation arises, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas will be there with prompt service.

But when should you call A-US Air Conditioning of Texas with a problem? Many residents do not notice the warning signs of faulty HVAC units until it is too late. The company advises residents to take notice of these warnings to call for guaranteed service.

Burning Smell

A burning smell from your furnace is not typical. The primary job of a heater is to burn. But the smell should very reach your nose. But if the scent does reach your nose, you have a problem.

The most common burning smells can be from burning oil. This odor means an oil leak is burning off due to the motor's output. Also, the scent could be pulled up through the home's air ducts and cause the annoying smell throughout the building.

Before calling A-US Air Conditioning of Texas to have this repaired, a homeowner should turn the furnace off via the shutoff valve. Also, shut off the oil from the switch that sits on top of the thin oil supply line. While the heat will be completely off during this time, it will give a chance for the burning to stop. Then, call your A-US Air Conditioning of Texas technician.

Moldy or Musty Smell

Another unsettling scent that can occur in a home is a musty smell, which means mold. Air conditioning systems tend to have condensation buildups. This buildup can generate a lot of moisture inside the system.

Fortunately, this moisture stays inside the system and does not cause problems. However, sometimes moisture can escape into the ducts, which produces the musty smell.

Mold is unsafe to breathe and is a common occurrence in basements of homes if not taken care of properly. Not only can this buildup ruin a home, but it can also cause serious medical issues. A thorough air duct cleaning would solve this problem in just several hours.

Puddles Around HVAC Unit

While sensing a strange smell can help detect HVAC problems, sometimes the nose won't cut it. Noticeable pools of water can provide insight into issues with the unit.

There are numerous reasons why a leak is taking place. For some, an air conditioning unit could leak water because of torn insulation foam on the refrigerant feeding line. These puddles can cause mold buildup, slipping hazards and other problems.

The best option is to find the leak and where it is coming from on the unit. If it is the insulation foam, the homeowner can replace the foam by calling A-US Air Conditioning of Texas. But sometimes a leak could have come from a more severe problem that needs addressing inside the unit.

There are more problems concerning HVAC units, but the ones listed above are the more common issues. A-US Air Conditioning of Texas handles these issues on a daily occurrence and will serve them promptly.

For all of your heating, cooling, air ducts, installation, and general maintenance of units, be sure to go to A-US Air Conditioning of Texas' website for more information.

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