A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Offers Reasons Why Residents Should Clean HVAC Unit Before Spring

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For the past four decades, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas has been the standard of excellence in the heating and cooling business. The family-owned company has offered the latest products to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, plus exceptional service.

The spring months are approaching, and the company wants to let residents know there is one important task to complete before enjoying the warm weather. That task is cleaning and having their HVAC serviced.

"Not many homeowners realize that HVAC maintenance should be an annual priority," says a company spokesperson. "It's one of the first areas of a home or business to consider cleaning first before kicking on the unit for cool air."

Hidden Allergens In Ducts And HVAC System

What you don't see could harm you and your family. A-US Air Conditioning of Texas wants residents to know that toxic mold, dust, and other airborne materials could be in your system.

The air filter plays a role in trapping these materials from reaching the air ducts, but particles still make it past the screen. As these particles settle on the coils of your unit, they combine with moisture in the area.

"A layer of grime can develop, and will take more than a duster to rid of it," says the company spokesperson. "This can become a prime breeding spot for bacteria and mold."

These areas, if left untouched once grime accumulates, can continue to contaminate the air supply in the spring months. Once a resident turns on the air unit, these particles become airborne throughout the home or business.

Additionally, the air ducts can provide shelter for insects, dust mites, and rodents when the HVAC system is not in use. Droppings, dander, and dead insects may contaminate the air supply.

Consulting with a technician from A-US Air Conditioning of Texas can make sure these problems do not arise once spring comes.

Hidden Costs Down The Road

Many homeowners and business managers view HVAC maintenance as a needless expense. But once these people realize that they could pay up to 50-percent more on their heating and cooling bills, they think otherwise.

Budget-minded consumers note that various elements of the spring cleaning task can contribute to better HVAC system performance. Better performance means more controlled energy costs throughout the year.

"The layer on a home's indoor coils and the dirt on the outside coils can represent almost 30-percent of a cooling bill," says a company spokesperson. "Blockages and leaks in the air ducts can add 20-percent to the energy bill."

The possibility of extra costs does not stop there. Low refrigerant can result in another 20-percent in cooling energy required to keep the home or business comfortable.

Owners cannot afford to ignore these priority areas of their HVAC units. Calling and scheduling an appointment with a technician is the first step to making sure these costs don't add up.

Hiring A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Means Becoming Prepared For Summer Months

Summer weather may be a distant concern as residents begin spring cleaning. It won't be long until summer comes. This fact means relying on your HVAC unit more as the weather warms up.

Preventive care allows issues to become diagnosed before they become serious. While these measures won't stop all breakdowns, you can reduce the possibility. Having your unit serviced can prevent 90-percent of potential disruptions in the summer. Additionally, your A-US Air Conditioning of Texas technicians can help plan ahead for an eventual system replacement.

The professionals at A-US Air Conditioning of Texas are available to assist all homeowners and business managers with their units.

You can tour their website here to view locations in your area.

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